Value of Emotions

(Anwar Parveen, Islamabad)

Value of feelings, emotions and love are attached to people and relationships around us and their belongings are a treasure to explore their feelings and experiences. The value of relationship is from home to institutions. A simple example is what I heard from a very senior person. There is a tradition in one of the country that whenever an officer is promoted to the senior most rank he respects the office and its belongings and uses them as a blessing. But, today some persons may value to the belongings of their seniors as an asset, while others simple want everything to be changed.

If we understand the importance of the concept of value today may be our new generations would remember us with love and understanding. There is a need of strong culture to prevail build on caring relationships. There are institutions which keep each and every memoir as an asset. Any one visiting can fid out the details and know the history. I remember one of the friend remembering theday he visited the office of his late father. To his surprise the officers and staff welcomed him and then talked about his father with respect. Later they showed him the chair on which the names of officers were engraved who served on that post. With tears in eyes he thanked them all and cherishes the moments of love and respect even today. Such gestures leave amazing impressions and lessons for future.

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