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Life will be very complicated if we make things difficult for us and definitely it must be tough for us when we always complaining about things which we don’t have because as a human being we always strive for more and more. Let me make it more simple for you people;If you have two legs which are in working state, two eyes which can see everything, two hands which help you to eat, and help you to do anything then believe me you are very lucky and you have to be grateful for all these blessings. As you can see there are lots of people who do not have all these blessings and they are still very grateful because they have much more things in the universe which beautify them.

Things are actually very simple in our life but as human being,we are scared of everything and scared of a failure so we always complicate things while fixing them. You are a human being and a normal person who always get panic whenever to face a little difficult situation which you have never faced and whenever you feel helpless or think that you are unable to solve your problems: you feel yourself very ungrateful. At those moments, you always think you are an unlucky person of this universe who is unable to do these little things and who is useless, but wait…Do you have ears? Which hear all things, which hear all jokes and praises, Do you have Eyes? Which can see the beauty of the world and through which you can see your beautiful self in mirror…Are your hands working? Yes!if they all are in working state and they work for you then believe me you are not useless, you are not unlucky, You have all those things which you need for survival then why you are ungrateful for those things and for that matters which you can solve by using simple tactics.

You can be grateful for everything if you suppose that you are living without those things. Let’s suppose you have not eaten your meal since 1 day what would you feel and what would be your condition without food Or Let’s suppose you do not have enough money to buy new clothes for your farewell party then would be your feelings So If you can eat 3 times meal & You can afford new dress for your farewell party then you should be grateful because there are lots of people in this world who cannot afford these pleasures of life.

Being Grateful is not very difficult dear people! just have a look around you and count your blessings which you have in your life and if you have all those blessings of life which other people cannot afford then you should be grateful because you are spending beautiful life with your very beautiful people.

So never miss a chance to be grateful maybe it will make your life more beautiful and easier…!!!


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