One Eye And The Media

(manahil eman, karachi)

One eye the most seeing eye now days.Every where you see one eye in fashion industry, in pictures background, in media etc etc.And also in big boss the famous show. So you think that what is the one eye mean that it is spreading and seeing all over the world now. What dose it mean?? IT IS DAJJAL ONE EYE which is focused now in all over the world and control the world, which dajjal control the world by his NEW WORLD ORDER PLAN with the help of his followers. Now all the world is under focused on dajjal one eye.It totally capture all thing especially media which capture or rule over all people mind .They convert bad into good or good into bad whatever they want they can rule or do on media. The smart card,id card,visa or all websites which collect our information is not for our security or their security or country security ,the main thing to collect information is to the dajjal followers know about our information and for this they can control people,their health,their food stuff simply I said they can control all the world .Their is a chip in smart card that they know about that people that where he went,where he live,what he is searching and all things. Media played a great role by non muslim because they know that all people are trustly blind on media.They whatever do bad things they r not terrorist but when in muslim country something happens they called muslim terrorist .WHY?? They teach how to kill in games to children and they know that children mind effect and capture the good or bad things very early,and this is the plan of these non muslim which our mind don't reach their dangerous plan.They are those people that they kill their own non muslim people to give sacrifce to SHAAITAAN.They are very witty and know that how to capture mind. Open your eyes and see with your eyes because whatever you see is not the real face but the fake face of that thing!!

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