Respect of a teacher According to Islam

(Mohammad Shoaib Mir, Srinagar)

TO respect a teacher it is mentioned in every religion,but Islam gives respect to teacher more than any other religion that is why PROPHET PBUH were having no teacher.Here is a story of Hazrat Umar RT which shows how much they respect a teacher.One day Hazrat Umar RT were passing from somewhere,on the way they met with some non belivers,they started laughing on them.Hazrat Umar RT tried to ignore them but,a non beliver asked them that O OMAR is your religion ISLAM true/Right??

they asked Yes.

then he (Non beliver) asked then answer me that when a dog becomes young if you will answer this question i will accept ISLAM.UMAR RT asked i will answer this later.Many days passed Umar RT were thinking what is the answer.they thought that if i will not answer them they will make joke of islam.Day,night,sitting,standing they were thinking about answer.One day they were passing from somewhere a drunker met them and he asked o Omar RT why you are angry these days,then they replied some non belivers have asked me a question i am not having its answer.Then he replied that,whats that they asked that question is that when a dog becomes young.he started laughing and said o Omar i know its answer Omar RT Cried and asked tell me please or they will make jokes on me as well as Islam.

then he said,O Omar a dog becomes young when he urinates while his one leg in air.Omar RT thanked him and answered those non belivers.

the moral of the story is when Omar RT were sitting somewhere and that drunker passes in front of them who answered them,they used to stood up.Someone asked them O omar RT why you Stand up when this drunker passes in front of you.
They used to reply that He is my Teacher.
everyone should take a lesson from this story and should respect her/his teacher.


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