Caste System in India

(Abdullah Amanat Muhammadi, Kasur)

In India, the caste system is a social stratification system and in these days the basis of the job reservations and educational in India. The caste system in India consists of two various concepts which are Jati and Varna which possibly will be regarded as various analysis levels of this system. Varna possibly will be defined as a class and consists of the four classes which in the Vedic society existed are Shudras, Vaishyas, Kshatriyas, and Brahmins. Particular groups that are now called Dalits were excluded from the system of the Varna. In India, it is considered about the Dalits that they are untouchables.

Jati may be defined as caste, and the Jatis name is normally organized from occupations. For the caste system’s origins, there are two perspectives in medieval and ancient India which emphasis on socio-economic and ideological factors. The Vedic texts neither mention the thoughts of untouchable people nor any practice of untouchability. Social stratification is originated between the Indian Christians based on class and by their location and denomination. In India, the system of the caste has been detected among Muslims. Muslims practice hypergamy occupations, endogamy, stratified and avoid social mixing. While the Sikh Gurus assessed the caste system’s hierarchy, one does be existent in Sikh community.

In India recently protests for the reason of the caste. Many people were killed and injured during the protests. It is clear like a Sunny day that in Hindu gives much importance to caste systems. Hindu did not hire in the job to Dalits for the reason that they think that Dalits are untouchables. They also hate Dalits too much and many other types of the violence happing due to the caste system in India. Many girls of Christians and Muslims are raped due to the caste system in India. Hindu thinks that castes that are not Hindu are second class citizens in India such as Dalits, Christians, Muslims and Sikhs۔

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