School assemblies could do wonders!

(shazia fatima mashkoor, Karachi)

School assemblies could do wonders!

School assemblies could do wonders! you can change the world by planting seeds of good deeds in the mind of future that is our STUDENTS! so let’s do it !

This short article will help you know what 10 things you can do in assembly time to shape and reconstruct the mindset of our society right according to the basic Islamic teachings. Your efforts will not only help you to create peaceful environment but it will surely help you to earn countless rewards and blessings of Allah Subhan o Talla just with in your duty time. The only thing you require is your pure intention to please The Great Allah Subhan O Talla.”

May Allah guide us to implement these 10 things in our institutes to make our lives and hereafter beautiful. (Aameen)
1: Playing Asma-e- Husna on speaker:i

When school starts and students starts arriving at school, playing Asma-e- Husna on speaker will give a soothing and pious beginning to the day and you will get positive vibes sooner which makes your school environment peaceful and you’ll help your students to learn all 99 names of Allah by heart without doing any effort and will earn countless reward from Allah Subhan o Talla. InshAllah.
2: Spread Salam:

Request your staff to spread Salam without discriminating who is younger or who is superior. Quote the Hadess of Hazrat Muhammad SAW according to which the person who salam first will lead with 10 naikis more than who receive salam. May Allah help us convey and practice saying of Hazrat Muhammad SAW. Aameen.
3: Recitation of Quran:

In assembly, recitation must be done with translation and if possible, a brief explanation of it will help students to understand what The Quran says.
4: Recitation of saying of Prophet Muhammad SAW:

Daily share one saying, habit or any event about Prophet Muhammad SAW ‘ life and let your students know how we can implement it in our lives.
5: Namaz is Must!

Daily share any one information about the topic “NAMAZ”, its importance, how to perform it, what are its Faraiz & Sunnah and what are the rewards of offering namaz and what if we do not offer Namaz. May Allah give us strength to let our listener make punctual about offering prayer as it is the most important quality of a Muslim and unfortunately we have ignored it. May Allah reward you the best Aameen.
6: How to win people’s heart?

To win people’s heart, Islam ask us to be good to people and show mannerism. This could be done only if you fulfill people’s right towards you and learn how to live life. And through short skits or dramas you can teach your students that what are our Duties towards mankind and what are Islamic mannerism.

7: Islamic quiz segment:

Introduce short Islamic quiz segment and ask at least 5 questions about basic Islamic knowledge, personalities or events. Question should be selected from their respective course books.

8: Memorize Prophet SAW’s prayers:

In assemblies, help students to memorize “prayers of Prophet” known as Masnoon Dua’s to make a strong connection with Allah in different situations of daily life this help us to remind that there is no one who can guide us beside Allah.

9: Develop Patriotism

Pakistan is made for the name of Islam therefore it’s our duty to love Pakistan and to develop the sense of responsibility as a citizen of Pakistan, share events from history to let them realize the importance of being independent on daily or weekly basis. And also share what can we do to make Pakistan peaceful, strong and successful country. And must check they recite National anthem with correct pronunciation with due love and respect.

10: How to make Duaa?

The mean reason why we are far from Allah’s blessings is that we don’t know how to call Allah and how to beg Him. Therefore I think that every assembly should be ended with a comprehensive Duaa’. Let’s make strong bond between Allah and your students by teaching them how to put your needs in front of Allah, how to pledge Him. Ask them to raise their hands, praise Allah, his prophet SAW, pray for increase in your knowledge, health and wealth. Before assembly ask students if any of their relative is ill note down their name and in duaa time make special pray for them. This act of kindness not only help your children learn that we must pray for each other but we will also earn Allah’s love and his blessings for loving and caring his man kind. InshaaAllah!

Last words

We as a teacher and Principal are very powerful that we can do magic. Our words and instructions stick to children minds, they keenly observe and notice how we walk, how we talk and how we react. So use this power and show them the right way of living a beautiful life according to Islamic teachings and make their way to Jannah easier.

May Allah accept your efforts and make it Sadqa e Jariyah for you and your family Aameen.

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