Virtue of Tolerance

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)

Tolerance means fair objective and quality of hearing others’ views, opinion, beliefs patiently. It does free a man from bigotry which is the foundation of all kinds of disturbance being faced by the world.

Tolerance is the need of the day and without virtue of tolerance a human being cannot be counted as true man because Allah has given him sense and brains on account of which he can distinguish between a good and a bad. The quality of differentiating (between bad and good) and a power to adopt either of them has raised him to the supreme level in comparison to other creatures even against angels. If a man does not use this quality and not ready hearing the views of others, then there is no difference between him and an animal.

There are considerable religions in the world and their followers lead their lives according to the virtues of their religions. Also, there are millions and millions of people who do not trust on any religion, even they do not believe in God. The world is dynamics and different class of people having different beliefs, faiths and viewpoints are living here. It should be kept in mind that a man can project his belief and faith but cannot fix it on others. A disturbance is created when the man does want to impose his belief and faith on other people either they like it or not. The virtue of tolerance requires us to listen and to project patiently without making a noise.

When we analyze the history of Islam, it is emerging that the Prophet of Islam and their followers bore patiently all kinds of cruelty, oppression, subjugation, loss of property even loss of precious lives for more than a decade. During this critical period some followers who were also the relative of the Prophet asked the Prophet to give them permission to fight but he did not permit them to battle. The patience of Muhammad (S) and his followers has taught us to be patient in all respects and not to make a battler unnecessary with others. It also teaches us that Islam was spread through character, patience, skill and knowledge not through the sword.

The virtue of tolerance is disappearing from the world on account of which catastrophe, killings, disgusting, extremism are growing in the world that has deteriorated its peace also causing to the economic crisis. If we want to see the world as a place of peace and harmony we have to approach to tolerance as certainly it will be a beneficial for us not in the way of the economy, but also in the way of metal relief that is integral part of a healthy body and integral part of a healthy life. Be patient and get the blessing of Allah.


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