Mand and Devil

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)

The world is the composite of devilish and graciousness forces from its creation and since then foreseen and unforeseen conflicts are continued between them and it will continue until the termination of the world. Both forces have been created by God and they are traveling in a parallel way trying to defeat each other. Sometimes a man is defeated and sometimes devil - the game of win and defeat is continued unless the utter defeat should occur and when one force is totally defeated and eliminated, the Doomsday would be established and account of acts and deeds would be opened to give a return of his deeds and acts that would be either terrible or peaceable.

Man is the creature who has been awarded the superb status by God even more from angels as angels were asked to bow down before the Man. All angels bowed down before the Man (Hazrat Adam AS) but an angel did not. Resultantly, he became a Devil (Satan) and was expelled from the court of Allah with the authority to deviate man from his true faith. Allah told him that His pious and sober slaves would not be deviated from true faith and warned His slaves through Prophets and Heavenly Books not to agree with the Devil, otherwise He would fill the hell with all those men who did not believe in one God, on Doomsday, on heavenly books also not did good deeds according to the instructions of Allah and his Prophets. All these are known as faith and deeds that are the integral part of a sober man as he believes in one God, believes in Doomsday, believes in all heavenly books and believes in all prophets sent by Allah as well as he tried his best to act according to the instructions of Allah and His Prophet.

A man who is made of soil is the adversary of a devil who is made of fire, but when man is descended from humanity climax he becomes an unbeliever as his faith becomes money, fame and game. In the long run his disbelieving attitudes count him as a member of devilish forces. Sobriety is the lost part of today man that must be searched and taken on to get rid of terrible consequences. We should pray Allah Almighty may protect us from all kinds of disbelieving and devilish deviation so that we could succeed in the worldly examination and get the blessing of Allah. Amen.

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