An Issue of Ghost Schools

(Faiza Fatima, Karachi)

The issue of improper and ill-suited maintenance and handling of government schools is hiking terribly in the last few years. The conditions of schools and colleges are so extremely awful and indisposed that they never look like the appropriate place to study, to learn and to go for educating pupils. All arrangements are worst and things are not seemed to be organized and well managed. Teacher’s absence is yet another embarrassing matter in these so called hapless institutions. Classrooms are not properly built, electricity problem does always exist there.

We should always remember that education is the first and foremost step in the development and prosperity of every nation. If we continue to deprive with this blessing and not having the facilities for study, we would always remain backward and our problem never ends.

Thus, kindly request the authorized department to take this matter seriously and improve the conditions of schools and provide all required facilities for the students to educate them.

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