How the Greek Muslim Thinkers Contributed

(Uzma Sagheer Janjua, Islamabad)

Imam Ghazali (R.A) 450-505 AH/1058-111 AD

His age is 1058-111AD.A great scholar & an excellent man. 1000 years ago young man died in young age .He was hardly 62-63 years of age .His name was Hamid and he born in Tus.He known as Ghazali because of two reasons .
1. he was born in Ghazala near Tus.
2.His father was Spinner of wood .its meaning was also Ghazala.
He was fond of learning and he shifted from Tus to Nisha poor where he learned .His scholarship was briliant and speed of reading was good one and was known as fast reader .at the age of 30 he became rector (principle) of Madrasa Nizamia in Baghdad .He travelled Eghpt,Siria,America,Madina & Makkah.Once a thief stole his all notes after that incident he memorized all his work .He wrote 78 books .At the age of 63 he had written 404 books .
His Philosophy :
Alquran and Sunnah are the source of knowledge so teaching of Islam should be close to life & living .Quran says that life is transitional .Heaven/Hell we earn here so realize self and realize God .Follow the teaching of Prophet .His focus was on purification .Purification of the morals of the man .
(In short Ghazali's wisdom is based on shaping brain, refining mindlogical bent of mind,right thinking ,humble and tolarent .purpose of education is knowing self and knowing God in order to understand life and living ).
he was himself a teacher .He believed on using of good methods of teaching like discussion,sharing experiences,using experiences and teaching with examplification to create interest in the minds of the learners .he said do not teach beyond the intellectual level of learner .He said there should not be any fear in the classroom .there should be a warm relationship between the teacher and the learner.
As a teacher be kind ,show kindness ,sympthy ,empathy to the children .He said teacher should be emphatiatic .Teacher should generate the initiatives rather than curb them.
He guided the teacher that aim of education should be character building ,mortality and personality development .He says child is born good by nature therefore teach him values of virtues & goodness because teaching is worship.Imam said teach the child from simple to complex and teacher's personality should be like a model & leader.
Imam said God has made this world for work and labor therefore work hard. He answered difficult questions .He combines philosophy and psychology and combines personal and professional experiences.
Teachers of the age should follow these precious guidlines to teach the learner according to the needs by using available resources to develop the habit learning by doing in the learners from very initial stage of learning .

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