Pakistan Army to fight terrorism

(Maemuna Sadaf, Rawalpindi)

Terrorism in Pakistan has become a major and highly destructive phenomenon. Pakistan role in the war on terror is widely discussed topic among policy makers of various countries. Thousands of people have been killed due to terror attacks since beginning of this war on terror. Pakistan is facing internal and external threats.

Recently, terrorist attack on Hazrat Lal shahbaz Qalander shrine (Sehwan Shareef) took lives of more than 100 persons leaving many seriously injured. This terrorist attack followed by many others attacks. In one week eight to ten terrorist or suicidal attacks took many lives and brought collateral damage. No live is safe in Mosques, shrines, schools or markets. This new wave of terrorism shows that foreign funded militants and terrorist are still eager to detriment against Pakistan. Pakistan Army being the guardians has decided to take resilient actions against militants.

In response to these attacks, Pakistan Army conducted a surgical strike against terrorist in Afghanistan, first time. 4 camps were destroyed and 10 to 12 militants along with Deputy Chief Adil Batcha of “Jamat ul Ahrar” have been killed. These camps were adjacent to Khyber Agency and Mohmand Agency near Pak-Afghan border in Afghan area. This surgical strike was conducted after the information shared by intelligence. This strike was purely conducted against militants and master planners of suicidal attack at Lal Shahbaz Qalandar’s shrine, Sehwan Shareef. Only militant camps were bombarded whereas villagers were not attacked. This surgical strike was conducted to prove that Pakistan will fight against those who are threat for their homeland beyond boarders. It will not allow any country to use its land or resources against Pakistan.

Chief of the Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa, in a statement issued by ISPR, said that Pakistan and Afghanistan will fight their common enemy of terrorism together.

On the other hand Pakistan Army has launched a country wide operation named “Radd ul Fasaad”. This decision was taken in core commander conference led by COAS held in Lahore. The operation includes the widest possible security and counter terrorism operation. In this operation along with other security agencies Rangers will take part in Punjab area also.

According to ISPR Pakistan Air force, Navy, Civil Armed forces and other Law and Security agencies would actively participate in eliminating the menace of terrorism from the country. The launching of operation “Radd ul Fasaad” is a part of National Action Plan.

DG ISPR said this operation is launched to eliminate terrorism completely from the country; the security of international boarders will be made assured. He also said that under this operation more concentrate on Boarder Security Management and decontaminate the country from illegal arms and ammunition.

This operation is launched to eradicate militancy and terrorism without any discernment from the country. As per a part of this operation the facilitators of terrorist will also be apprehended. No military operation has been conducted in Punjab yet. Deployment of Rangers in Punjab to fight against terrorism was commenced after the notification issued by Ministry of Interior Government of Pakistan on 22nd February 2017. Rangers will conduct targeted operation in 21 districts of Punjab initially.

Pakistan Army and other security agencies are hinged to fight against terrorism and incorporation of National Action plan completely. National Action plan will be incorporated only if every accused regardless of association is penalized.

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