True Freiends

(Manahil Eman, Karachi)

After God, parents, friends are the beautiful part of our life .We smile because of them, we lose tension because of them .Every person have their best friends in many faces like mother, father, sister, grandmother, cousin etc etc. They care to much, they love to much, they help to much in every situation, they praise our success and many things they do for us.

Love, care, help are those qualities which Every friends have but one thing is missing which all friend don't have .I think the best definition of friend is "they guide in right path when we go wrong" .This quality of friend is actually the quality of true friend .They are just like our another soul .These called true friends
There are many friends but all friends are not good .GOOD FRIENDS ARE GOD GIFTED, its means that if we have true friends so we are blessed with wonderful another soul of our life .without friends life is incomplete, we miss enjoyments, may be we miss our wonderful life of some parts .

Make friends but make sure that which u make friends are good once .MAKING FRIENDS ARE NOT DIFFICULT BUT MAKING GOOD, TRUE FRIENDS ARE DIFFICULT. So say ALLHAMDULLiLAH for ur good friends

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