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Zamzam Location Grand Mosque, Mecca Area of ​​about 30 m (98 ft) deep and 1.08 to 2.66 m (3 ft 7 inches to 8 feet 9 inches) in diameter According to traditional accounts established 2000 BC Management of Saudi Arabia
Zamzam water the seed of Abraham and Hagar, Abraham continued Allah erase the thirst of Ishmael
4 thousand years ago, this miracle occurred in Mecca in the desert It continues today Zamzam

In Zamzam Kaaba mosque's outer south is located in the basement of approximately 21 meters to the east.It was well dried with time.
The gesture of the Zamzam Abdul opened the second time
Grandfather of the Prophet Prophet Muhammad Continues until today. Zamzam water is entering major port of Stone The call comes easier Safa and various locations except the location.Water wells were driven from the bucket until 1953
The mosque within the Zamzam water fountains have been set out in various places.Zamzam water water get into the mosque, and pilgrims have been carrying water cares

Water which Abraham and Hagar Abraham's infant son Ishmael's thirst pretext of fighting al about 4 thousand years ago in the case of a miracle in rugged wilderness Mecca today. There is ongoing.

Zamzam water Mosque is located in the basement of the house at a distance of about 21 meters east of the Kaaba.
It was dried up well with time.
The Prophet (PBUH) grandfather Abdul Mutlib dug again the Lord Jesus indicated
All of which continue to this day.
Stone is the major port of Zamzam
Furthermore, while the call comes from different places of Safa and Marwa.
Until 1953, it was pulled through the water bucket from wells, but the mosque was set on Zamzam water fountains prohibited in various places inside and out.
Zamzam water water get into the mosque, and pilgrims take water with you throughout the world.
Zamzam well depth, width, length

I have since I incur during the excavation of Zamzam is no change in the pit length, width and depth.
These deep and 18 feet long, 14 feet wide and about 5 feet today.
Mecca city in the valley is surrounded by granite rocks of the mountains all around.
Makkah (Mecca) is the lowest point in the valley.
The city library is located on the bottom of the Kaaba and the Grand Mosque in Mecca, sand and silt. The depth from 50 to 100 feet and below which spans a myriad of igneous rocks.
Zamzam is located a coating of sand / silt and the water level is at a depth of 40 to 50 feet from the sides of the earth
ibne they are qadeem juziya

The captain of the value of Zamzam water and all the rest,
Most people's lives better and more desirable and valuable thirst of Jibreel which was dug by al Imam Ismail peace be upon Allah to remove water.

He says the juzyh

The captain of the value of Zamzam water and all the rest,
Most people's lives better and more desirable and valuable thirst of Jibreel which was dug by al Imam Ismail peace be upon Allah to remove water.

Muslim has proven that the Prophet (SAW)

The Prophet (saw) said Abu Huraira (RA) when he stayed for forty days and nights behind the curtains of the Kaaba
Their food was only at the Zamzam

The Prophet (SAW) said to Abu Dhar you been here long?
The blessings of Allah r says abu zar
I said I lived here for thirty days, peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him sawa

Who manages your food?
They answered and said unto him, I had become so thick that the quantity left in the bill to my stomach, and my appetite is gone and weakness,
The Prophet (saw) asked him -
Indeed blessed and keeps the food to eat
Narrated by Muslim (2473).

And more words in a tradition that has healed the sick disease
Albizar Muslim Hadith (1171)
And (1172) and Thesaurus Tabrani Sagheer
(The 295).

Scholars have also followed this tradition and experience
Hajj Abdullah bin Mubarak al When he said he came to Zamzam
God I almualy is narrated from Ibn Mohammad Ibn Jabir said mnkdr to impute
He said that the Prophet peace be upon him -
Zamzam be food for him for the same thing, and I'm drinking it to avoid crying over the resurrection of thirst and thirst.

Ibn al-Qayyim narrated that the others in my party have tested also Zamzam
It was a strange kind of diseases are healed and I am blessed with a number of diseases Zamzam
And If I had to get rid of them
I spoke also be seen that a number of used food for more than fifteen days Zamzam could not even feel hungry at all, and he performed together with the people.

And is approximately 30 meters (98 feet) 8 9 inches) 1,08 3 7 inches deep and 2.66 meters (in diameter.
Zamzam water is no color or smell, but it has a distinct taste, and its pH is 7.9-8.0, indicating that it is alkaline and is somewhat similar to that of seawater.
This is similar to somewhat alkaline and seawater.

Zamzam a living miracle

The fact that Zamzam is a living miracle of the Quran
And when and how low the research
Because they are at all times reveal the secrets of man and the mind of man is the bright side storage
some of them are following
Zamzam's well has not dried up and he always put the thirst of millions of pilgrims and visitors.
The amount of salt is always the same.
The taste is the same taste today any changes occurred since the first day.
Hidden from the Zamzam water healed but admire his own and all.
Zamzam is widely used in and around Mecca during Ramadan Sharif Mosque and the Prophet's (saw) is also provided Zam Zam water upon
The pilgrims at the pilgrimage from around the world are taking over millions of small cans with Zamzam.

Kai leads to the second well and the other plant breeding and biological species are herbs and plants that grow in ways they can live insects infected with a variety of water colors and tastes
The world's single Zamzam water is clean from any plant or biological growth and filth.
Thousands of years before the infant Ishmael heels despite being the source of quenching the thirst of millions of abrasives still gives life to those who drink of the day
It is a blessing of God Almighty and the Sharif of Mecca and Mecca will always be joy and rightly proud.

Zamzam water research labs

Modern medical research has revealed that Zamzam water in a good way components meet the nutritional and medical needs of people who are minerals and salts
The Saudi government has enlisted organized every four hours that Zamzam water is then examined every aspect of the art laboratories.
About Zamzam result of these investigations have been numerous disclosures. Now that he has learned from chemical research and clinical studies of Zamzam components that include the stomach, liver, intestines and kidneys especially useful.

Zamzam and research on the water

Al-Masri says alsahib water from a fountain of Zamzam weight Mecca Zamzam I found a quarter of its weight.
I saw by the sum of Medicine found it better than all the waters of medical and legal terms.

Zamzam and modern investigation
Missouri aymutu Japan's leading scientist has revealed that Zamzam water has features that are not present in any waters of the world. The causes are numerous investigations of Zamzam water with the help of nanotechnology, a technology that lets the same features they knew that they be included in a thousand drops a drop of the water of Zamzam water the water of Zamzam i.
Dr. aymutu head of Hydro Research Institute in Japan.
He has received numerous investigations in Japan on Zamzam water to a billion people, he said in his lecture. Research shows that a crystal drops of Zamzam (like a shiny mineral essence)
Is individuality. The other does not resemble a crystal drops of water. Taken from a region of the planet are not in any way resemble the properties of water from Zamzam.
He Zamzam water feature that can not be found through laboratory tests for science to know the real reason to change it in any way. Zamzam changes not found in the crystal after recycling

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