Keep smile because it has no cost

(Kanwal Ashfauque, Karachi)

Smile is a positive energy. It attracts other element. It uplifts the spirit of others. Showing it may give blessings to those who are down in the moment. The smile may hide your pain and suffering by you is still breathing however hard your emotional toll is killing you internally you may just not want others to see your pain. In your sad situation, you always have the option to change. To change the situation and perspective. Even though it feels impossible and hopeless….Never gives up! Stand up, take a deep breath and start a new fresh life without regrets. Smile because you are human! Smile because you are alive! So keep smiling even the world is not on your side this moment. Remember that no problems can’t be solved. Be positive, because it attracts positive elements. Use your smile to change the world. Don’t let the world change the smile. And be the reason of someone’s smile. “A smile costs nothing but gives much”.

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