Give Respect, Get Respect

(Kanwal Ashfauque, Karachi)

Respect is reciprocal, meaning that you gave respect to get respect and age doesn’t matter in this transaction. Always treat people with respect, and treat them as you like to be treated and you won’t go wrong. But first, you learn to respect yourself. Be kind, loyal and helpful to others to earn respect, be respectful to others get respect. More people struggle with self-respect than respecting others. Start with yourself. Respect for each other is essentially important in your life. Though sometimes, we may have some disagreements and difference in opinions whether in relationships or businesses, we always learn to practice and tolerance, Problems could be amicably resolved, through compassion, communication and dialogue. Not too many people know the value of respect. It is a valuable tool. And should be used wisely. It doesn’t cost a dime to show some respect and humility. In turn, you will receive the same respect back from them. So “give respect and get respect”.

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