Accept your truth

(Nayab Fatima, )

Truth is something which releases you from any worries and provides you relief. The best thing is that, you dont need to memorize your truth while lies must be.
Accepting your truth, is the easiest thing, which you can do for your satisfaction and happy life. This can create a sense of fearlessness and boldness in your personality and boost confidence.
If someone ask something to you, if you dont know then simply say, "i dont know". It is better than missguiding anyone.
If someone hurt you, then make him realize, fight with him, it is better than keeping silence and behaving alright.
If you do stupid mistakes, then accept it, it is better than blaming others.
If you are suffering, then share it with your family and friends, it is better than dealing with it alone.
If you have not watched a movie, listened a song or read a novel yet, then acknowledge it, it is better than guessing it wrongly.
If you dont like to watch movie in cinemas, then dont go for your friends, it is better than wasting your money.
if you effortly eat pizza with fork and knife, then use your hands, it is better than behaving foolish.
if you dont know the meaning of any vocab, then ask, it is better than understanding it wrongly
If you love listening old sad songs, then enjoy it, it is better than listening noisy drums.
If you doing a job you are not good at, then stop doing that, it is better than spoiling your skills.
Make your life easy and cheerful by accepting bitter truth of your life, it is better than living in a illusionist world.

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