Child Labour

(Syeda Aqsa, Karachi)

Child labour is the worldwide problem and it is the biggest matter of concern for our country too as future of our new generation is going towards darkness due to this social evil. Instead of enjoying their childhood, they are being forced, either because of the parental selfishness or because of the lack of their basic needs for survival, to go for work as labour on part time or full time basis at very low payment.

Percentage of child involved in Child labour
According to the National survey more than 13 million children are captivated in this major crime in which girls are two times more than boys, who are obsessed in this crime. Though, percentage ratio of the child labour has been decreased in comparison to the last few years but still this crime is swallowing our new generation’s future silently.

Areas where Child Labour Exists
There is a very huge working area in our country where child labour is thriving like domestic services, agriculture, hotel and restaurants, entertainment industry, coal mines, matchbox or firebox manufacturers, etc. This major crime named as “child labour” is depriving under age children from getting basic education or financially secure social life because children are involved in this crime at very low age of 5 to 7 years.

Extreme poverty, uneducated people, high population, some time greediness of their parents and also increasing demand for child labour due to their compatible body structure required for hazardous and exploitative work area like coal mines are the main cause of child labour.

Law and Penalty about Child Labour
Though many rules and acts are being formed and implemented time to time by the government to prohibit the child labour or child slavery, but still this evil is not banned completely in our country as according to the government rule children with or under age 14 can do non hazardous work and above 14 can do hazardous too. For this major crime, penalty for first offence is 50000 Rs. and for subsequent attempt it varies between 1 to 3 years of imprisonment.

How to Stop Child Labour
Country’s economic development can completely eliminate this major issue of child labour as in financially developed country, there would be no unemployment issues for their parents and availability of required education centres, etc. Childhood is the biggest important phase of a child’s life and considered as an initial learning period for them which directly affects their future. Children require love, care, education, health, morals and financially secure future from their parents, and if a parent is not capable to give them such life; it gives rise to the “child labour”. Several governmental and nongovernmental organizations are working for saving every child’s future. As a citizen of the country, we should also take necessary steps on our personal, professional and social level to stop this problem “Child Labour” by not allowing children under 14 in our house hold activities and by complaining if we find under age children working in nearby areas. These nongovernmental organizations (NGO’s) help needy people in manner to provide them free education through various facilities such as mid day meal, shelter, food, work options for their parents with healthy environment, etc.
Syeda Aqsa Naseem

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