Animation Video as a teaching aid for special children

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


The Animation Video as a teaching aid is used for capacity building of special children in all over the world. It is worth mentioning that special children grasp the learning materials easily imparted to them through animated videos as moving and lovely pictures engage them all the time in learning.

It is fact that special children require special attention in a lovely and purely friendly way by considering their status of learning. All teaching styles, i.e., through pit-based voice, through body language, through Visualized Way, through Auditory Way and through authoritative way may be used to teach the special children, but stress should be given on animation video teaching because children like cartoons and dynamic things. The Animation Videos have changed the teaching styles from boredom way of teaching to the lovely way of teaching that makes them busy providing many sorts of lessons and information. The videos increase the insight of special children in an effective way that not only helps the teachers in imparting education, but also helps the parents of the special children.

The animation video creates interest amongst the special children towards learning as a conventional or traditional way of learning used before, irked them and on account of this imparting education had been a difficult task for teachers. With the advent of animation video teaching, all specialized schools have adopted this style of teaching because through this teaching complex information and knowledge can be delivered easily. It gives education in play styles as through animation video special students learn all their required lessons in a playful way. Further, this style of teaching enhances the confidence of special students as they begin to speak up after a short period of learning through animation video. The animation video teaching provides prompt comprehension, enhances the learning potential and builds the characters; above all the animation video teaching reduces the stress and fear of learning of special children.

Moreover, the animation video boosts up communication and other hidden skills of special students in a short span of time as dynamic and moving pictures motivate and spur their hidden skills in unthinkable way that cannot be predetermined. The raised skills through animation videos help the special students as well as facilitate the teachers to get them understood their teaching materials as well as what they want to impart. With the popularity of the animation video teaching, the inclusion of special children in the specialized education centers is going up which has become a cause of social uplifting in the country. No doubt that this style of teaching has popularized the organizations who adopted it as a way of teaching because it has made the teaching style as qualitative and interactive.
It has been observed that through animation video teaching the shyness of special children is reduced to a great extent as they are ready to present something before the class in their styles. It also enhances the computer skill amongst the students they become familiar with computer applications by using browsers in a routine way.

In a nutshell, the animation video teaching has paid a great role in enhancing the education tactics to the special children the importance of which cannot be denied in any case.

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