6 - Traits of affluent students

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


Traits of affluent Students
The trait or quality is a hidden feature of a human being gifted by God that is improved, grown and refreshed according to the environment, education, training and gathering. Influential students’ gathering and activities are not common on account of this generally; they supersede lower and middle class students in the matter of social and event activities. It may be kept in mind that only getting good marks and good grade is not a symbol of success.
The atmosphere, social and domestic environment where a person leads his life, plays a pivotal role in his behavior and character. Accordingly, the students from affluent class have different traits in comparison of the students belonging to lower and middle class. It has been witnessed that the students from affluent class when go in the working field, they take it as a learning process, not as an earning process, similarly they much emphasize on presentation, but on the other hand the students belonging to lower or middle class first see from the aspect of quantity and quality.
The six traits of students from affluent class are given below:-
1. Confidence: The students who belong to affluent class are confident, can talk frankly with all even big figures without hesitation. The passion of confidence keeps them active and energetic that benefits them all the time. Their self-assurance helps them in making judgments; on the other hand the ability tells them how resources are employed to succeed. The confidence also helps them in their practical life as through confidence they soon catch the job.
2. Presentation Capability: The 2nd trait of students from affluent class is their presentation ability that helps them to get the goal as in the present scenario the presentation ability plays a key role in corporate sectors; conversely the lack of presentation produces hindrance in climbing the ladder of success. The affluent class students give less emphasis and weight on quantity and quality they eye presentation.
3. High self-esteem The affluent class students have high self-esteem on account of which they are in a position to use their strengths by overcoming their weaknesses because if weakness is not overcome the low self-esteem will supersede the high self-esteem. To enjoy the life robustly and enthusiastically the high self-esteem is essential.
4. Social exclusion: The affluent class students are not social figures, accordingly they do not like to mix up with common students. They make friends of their own class; even not like to talk with middle and lower class students. They have separate and limited company of their minds and status. They are willing to maintain the status-quo for their interest.
5. Connection / Time: The students from affluent class utilize the language majorly for connection purpose not for survival and negotiation use; hence this trait enhances their international insights. They have a grip on local and international issues by using all social, local and international media channels. Their broad and candid views on local and international matters give important value to their personality that is beneficial by all means for them. Further, they give much importance to past time instead, so that their present and future would be better keeping in view the traditions and past.
6. Investing Approach: The affluent class students have the capability to use money for investing purpose instead of using and managing them only. It means that they are ready to take risk as high risk makes high game.

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