Be Proactive Not Reactive

(Iqra Ashiq, Karachi)

Proactive means creating or controlling a situation rather than just responding to it after it has happened. Whereas reactive means showing a response to a stimulus, &occurring as a result of stress or emotional upset <reactive depression>

The purpose of selecting the topic is that most of the people can’t handle the situation properly or they become so stress that they came in aggression or blame all their problems to the next person. They can’t control their aggression or they can’t control their emotions and sometimes they make a big loss. This is true. I am not joking or telling you from the academic books. I have faced this problem. And I also seen many people around me who become so reactive that they make a big loss and later they realize that it was wrong.

To overcome this problem you should be proactive, should control your emotions in front of other people, not only in front of people but also to yourself, for yourself, for your loved ones.

Each day you and I have about 100 chances to choose whether to be reactive of proactive. In any given day the weather is bad, you can’t find a job, your sister steals your things, and your relationship becomes broken up. Your friends talk behind your back or any situation. So what will be your reaction? What you are going to do? Will you be proactive or reactive? The choice is yours!!

Reactive people make choices based on desire; they are like a can of soda. If like shakes them up a bit, the pressure built and they suddenly burst out.

Whereas as proactive people make choices based on values. They think before they act they can’t control every things that happen to them but they can control what they do about it.

Ok ! Let me tell you the quote that I have read in one of my favorite book 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE TEENS.

“People are just about as happy as they make up their mind to be -(ABRAHAM LINCOLN, U.S PRESIDENT)”

If you really want your life better easier and peaceful then become proactive. Don’t blame all problems to your parents, your friends, your girl friend or boy friend, you teachers. Don’t be a victim. Take responsibility of your own life. If someone yell at you, don’t yell back. Act like a human. If you think or feel like doing something you know is wrong, don’t do it whether you do anything for this. Be a judgmental person because this life is yours and it is given only one time.

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آپ کی رائے
Your article was very good and i couldn't resist saying that i enjoyed reading it but the last line made me thought that you have left a contradiction with that mere line i.e., "Be a judgemental person because this life is yours and it is given only one time" for whole of your argument for being proactive and reactive.
This line was a kind of neutral line that could have been used for supporting both the prop and opps of your article.
Try to be one sided. Otherwise, the article was Great!
By: Muhammad Ammad, Lahore on Mar, 30 2017
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very nice Article, keep it up.
By: Zulfiqar Ali Bukhari, Rawalpindi on Mar, 28 2017
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