Inspiring Women Of Pakistan

(Nimra Naeem, )

The colors of this universe owe their existence to the presense of women. Women are the delicate and sensitive half of the circle we call life. Being mother, wife, daughter and sister women not only hold essential positions in family setup but their talent also have much more to offer than this.

Half of the total population of our country are women. Women are not only playing vital role in family life but also women's have become important part of Pakistani society in professional life. In past women were confined to household chores. But things are changing rapidly. Now women are coming out and working in various fields. The women of Pakistan are very strong and have contributed significantly in all walks of life, from nation building to spiritual writing, from politics to education, from athlete to pilot. They can direct legislative, judiciary and governing concerns in a perfect way. They can be a doctor, an engineer, an architect, a lawyer etc. The women of Pakistan never miss the opportunity to inspire the world. Women inspires in every face when she is a mother, a wife, a daughter and a sister. Pakistan has many immensely talented women working both at home and abroad to make the country and the world a better place. This list includes MOHTARMA FATIMA JINNAH, one of the founding leaders of Pakistan. BENAZIR BHUTTO, first woman Prime minister of any Islamic State. ARFA KARIM, first Pakistani girl to become the world's youngest Microsoft certified professional. BANO QUDSIA, she has been awarded SITAR-E-IMTIAZ and HILAL-E-IMTIAZ by the government of Pakistan. MALALA YOUSUFZAI, the first Pakistani woman and the youngest person in the world to have received the Nobel Peace Prize. HASEENA MOIN, a play writer of international repute. MAJOR GENERAL SHAHIDA MALIK, she holds the honor of being the first woman in any Islamic State to have reached to the rank of a General as well as the first two-star woman general in the Pakistan Armed Forces. AYESHA FAROOQ, Pakistan's first war-ready woman fighter pilot. NASEEM HAMEED, won the Gold medal in 100 meters race during SAF games. SAMINA KHAYAL BAIG, the first Pakistani woman, youngest Muslim woman and a third Pakistani to have reached the summit of Mount Everest. FARIHA AKHTAR, a software engineer, blogger and activist. MALIHA KHAN, director of engineering social media and consumer web application. MARIA UMAR, the founder of women's digital league(WDL) which is an online portal that provides digital services.

Thus, in Pakistan we witness a beautiful spectrum of inspiring women of all age groups and among all the circles of life and we strive to see more of them to rise and shine on the horizon in the coming decades.

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