Let’s talk about what should girls keep in their bag

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I know, we girlscannot share our bags with anyone. For most of us, it is like a best friend because it comes with us everywhere and it also holds all of our secrets. It is obvious that a girl’s handbag and a woman’s handbag can have different things. Although we can have different lifestyles but still a few things are common. People always wonder what lies within. I noticed that men consider a girl’s bag to be like a black hole that has a never-ending pit. A girl’s purse is not a mystery and if you are aware of what is insidetheir “mysterious” bags, you will probably agree that these items are necessary things. My bag also has tons of stuff in it.I’m not really a bag carrying person; normally I just take my clutch when I’m going out. But the times I do decide to take my bag, I fill it thinking I can’t leave my favorite things behind.You might be a working women or a carefree teenager, but these are some essentials that you just ought to have! If you don’t carry these things already in your bag, pick the stuff immediately, I say.You must know that your bag is the vehicle by which you can live your life. So, here I am, about to show you what should we girls have in our bag.

Well, I don’t need to mention this, every woman would carry money/wallet in her purse, and I am just emphasizing it.

Pen and Notebook:
Sometimes when you get writing ideas, you want to write them in particular Notebook. So, Always be prepared. And of course keep pens, to write.While it seems like commonsense, when facing with the prospect of needing a pencil or pen, some women dig through their purses just to come up with their eyeliner – a fairly good substitute. Therefore, you should keep some pens in your bag.

I have to admit that I am writing this from a biased perspective. SoIf you have a passionate love affair with books and nothing makes you happier than to have a stack of books so at least keep a book in your bag to utilize your leisure and if you are going away for a few days then add a couple of more books. Believe me it’s a great companion.

Lip products:
This is another thing I really don’t have to mention. You might already be carrying tones of lip balms,lip glosses or lipstick already in your bag for soft, hydrated, and moisturized lips or to look fresh.

Lotion/Moisturizer is must as we are living in a Country where whether keeps changing within few hours.It can prevent usfromdryness that is not acceptable to us for the reason that we always want to keep our skin nice and soft.

Heat outside is intolerable. Not only it makes you feel hot but it also affects you negatively in other ways. Eyes are considered as the most delicate part of our body. The UV rays of the sun are harmful for our eyes so we need an ultimate tool of protecting them such as the sunglasses.

Hairbrush/Comb is one of things every woman should have in her handbagto tidy up hair.They are especially handy when you find yourself over heated and you need to pull your hair back. Those with frizzy hair would understand its importance.

Hand Sanitizer
Every woman should haveHand sanitizer in her bag because it helps protect her and anyone she meets and makes a contact with from spreading terrible germs. With so many germs around, hand sanitizer is a must have, especially if you are using public transport.

Keep deodorants andperfume bottles in your bag. Also, don’t forget to treat your bag to a few spritzes so that your bag keeps smelling great just like you.

Eye Liners:
As every woman knows, Eye Liners will help create a beautiful focal point on a woman’s face. Therefore, if you do not have time in the morning to make makeup on your face, Eye Liners will be the best choice to make you look put-together and glamorous

A Pocket Mirror
You need it when there is something in your eye. You also need it to check your teeth after eating. I guess most of us, always ask a stranger whether our hair looks okay; however, if we have a little mirror we can do it ourselves.

Makeup Compact:
Carry a makeup compact to do touch-ups on the go and if there’s a mirror in the compact, you wouldn’t need to carry a mirror separately. Look fresh through the day with regular touchups.

Mint gum
Bad breath is a major put off. Sometimes when you are fasting, dieting, and keeping off food, your breath might smell really bad. You can save this embarrassment by keeping breath mints or mint gum in your purse at all times.

Always try to keep a few pain killers in your bag because migraine can strike at any moment. It would not only be useful to you but to others also. Once when I was traveling, I fell really sick and someone offered me medicine without even asking. I still remember that gesture and carry some essential medicines like Panadol for headache, Ondem to stop vomiting, paracetamol tablet for fever etc in my purse.

Do I need to talk about its importance?

If you are a complete music lover, so it is important for you to keep a pair of headphones in your purse. It helps you for long walks to your next destination, to pass time if you are waiting endlessly for someone,to avoid a really boring person.Just plug the earphones and play your favorite music on your phone.It will make your time pass a lot faster!

Rest of the items:
This post is getting out of hand so I decided to make this category.These things also are important to keep in your bag:
• Handkerchiefs/ Tissue
• Keys
• Small water bottle
• Hair/Hijab pins
• Identity Card
• Face wash
• Reading Glasses

I have written all the thing that I think these are essential things every woman should have in her purse at all times. But what’s your must-have purse item, please do mention in the comments below, It would be helpful for Girl or Women to add it into their purse.

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