Tips to make top notch explainer videos

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


The top Notch Explainer Videos are the videos which have essence to confine the brain and hearts of the customers towards the explained product by non-business imagination way and tone.
Customers spend millions amount in getting made the top Notch Explainer Videos contemplating that the explainer videos will serve their objective in creating millions customers towards their marketing or marketed products. To embody their expectations and to fulfill the objective the top notch explainer videos must have sound and striking anecdote touching to the hearts and brains of the customers not the eyes. There are ten tips for making the top Notch Explainer Videos which must be considered. The tips are as follows:-
1) Short and long quality: The Top Notch Explainer Videos must have the quality of standard dimension – not too long to bore to death the customers or not too short that could not explain the essence of a product. The summarized and standardized Notch Explainer Videos have the essence of promotional campaign that does not bore the viewers to change the finger.
2) Sound and killing introduction: The starting moment of the Top Notch Explainer video must be striking and amazing that holds up the viewers for a few seconds. The video must have the answer of What, Why, Who and How. What is the Product? Why do they purchase it? Who is the beneficiary? How do they benefit with the product? The video should not tell them what they know; it may tell them what they should know.
3) Thinking about audience, tone and story: Before making a top Notch Explainer Video, one must think about the audience, tone and story so that it is made and displayed in bombardment, lovely, catching, story and tony way. The knowledge of audience helps out in making tone and story.
4) Jokey but not monkey: The top Notch Explainer Videos have the quality of joking by avoiding any sign of monkey to attract the viewers towards explainer video. A humor tone may be used by using body language to give attraction, desirability and lure in the video.
5) Formatting: The formatting of the top North Explainer Videos must have the end-customers’ expectation – What do they think? What do they want? What is their purchasing power? Why do they see the Video?
6) Look: The look of the top Notch Explainer Videos should be viable and according to the essence of the explained product to catch the customers. Boasting strategy must be avoided.
7) Contraction & Contradiction: The Top Notch Explainer Videos must have the consisting quality free from contraction and contradiction to give a striking attraction to Video. Inconsistent approach may totally ruin the essence of the Video.
8) Competitive Price: The top Notch Explainer Videos must display clearly the complete price of the displaying product because if the price is hidden the video will not give the competitive effect and lose the interest of the viewers.
9) Hit the illusion thinking: The top Notch Explainer Videos must be made and displayed in purely unambiguous and comprehensive way by hitting the illusion thinking hurling upon the heads of the customers so that they do not think that they will be deceived if they purchase the product.
10) Conclusion by pacing Video: The conclusion of the top Notch Explainer Videos should be forceful. It may conclude in such a way that the audience should remain in complexity as well as thirsty and want to see the video again and again. Also, the explanation should be made in moderate and attractive way not in a boasting way.

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