Social fears, most common fear now

(Sara Hussain Mughal, )

In today's advanced social lives, every second person is having some social fears. These social fears are so common that even people themselves are not aware of their fears. You usually fear a situations in which other can get a good look at you, such as eating together in a restaurant, giving a presentation to a group, introducing yourself at a meeting, entering a party. Some people experience a generalized kind of social phobia and fear a variety of social interactions as mentioned above. Others have a more specialized fear, may be focused on public speaking, eating in public, writing in front of others or nervous sweating. Particularly in our society every action of a person is effected by a thought that "what will people think about me and how will they judge my action".

These fears in people that if they make a mistake they'll feel socially incompetent and bad about themselves because of it. There are two type of social phobia found in human. In first type, most people with social anxiety disorder approach social situations with a feeling of unworthiness. They think that they don't belong in a social setting because they don't "fit in" or because they lack some quality-not smart enough, not interesting enough, not pretty or handsome enough and so on. And they also tend to believe that everyone there will be especially interested in them-in looking at them, thinking about them or judging them.

The second type of socially feared people has to do with the kinds of physical symptoms, can say more visible or observable symptoms like blushing, sweating, trembling and voice cracking.Why do they have all these symptoms that others can observe..?? Because that's what they are afraid of. They hope so strongly to not show any anxiety that they end up showing it.

Shame and embarrassment are uncomfortable feelings which fuel the idea that you have something to hide, some aspects of yourself which are so negative that you figure you should prevent others from noticing them, this leads to secrecy, a powerful force behind social phobia.

Everyone in our society is having some social fears. The best way to come out of your social phobia is to accept all your flaws and promise yourself to not feel ashamed or embarrass about any part of your personality. And the time when you give up your efforts to hide and oppose your visible anxiety symptoms, that's when they become less frequent and disturbing.

"No one in this world is perfect, others will generally be as accepting of your flaws as you are of others".

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