Negative impacts of politics in education

(Zuhaib Khan, Karachi)

The world knowledge is like a lamp in dark phase of life and why it should not be? Our lives in better way individually, collectively, socially, politically and morally and also learn the nature of this planet earth. It is the knowledge that enables us to think about all the religions that exist on the earth and frequently choosing a particular religion. Everyone knows that Allah has bestowed us a holy Qur’an. Its first “Wahi” reveals us about the significance of knowledge. The last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) on one occasion said that “O’ people search for knowledge may you go to china for this”. But we forgot its significance. A country whose education system is directionless and having no concern over excellence. How will that country develop? It may be ruined politically, economically and morally in all the sectors.

University is a place where an individual develops its personal skills and learn the art of excellence to turn him out to be good professional in the industry. It is no doubt that a students from the university level with political awareness turn out to be the good politician of tomorrow. We have such common examples in Pakistan like the Ali Garh University whose role was prominent. But in the recent years students from certain political wings indulge themselves in observing strikes, boycotting classes, and promoting their political atmosphere rather than to participate in wellbeing of humanity. More than one political party if exist in university or in any other educational institute there must be a collision like the examples of Punjab university few days back there was some serious exchange of aggression shown by both the political parties in a cultural show, 7 of them were critically injured and cultural area turn out to be a fight club. Actually this is not an issue of a single university or a college our major educational institutions are presenting the same kind of pictures. In Karachi University we could see a large number of young students from different political franchise trying to implement their rules forcefully. No doubt that as a nation we must know the political affairs and concepts. We cannot keep the coming generation away from national political parties and the political debates. It is an imaginary thought. It is the responsibility of universities administrations to design elections among all the parties and make responsible the ruling party to monitor the non educational activities like sports days, cultural day and all other programmes so that we can maintain a healthy and peaceful educational environment and enroll ourselves in the most civilized nation.

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