Natural Nature Cannot be Changed

(Abdul Rehman Mir, Islamabad)

Nature dwells in the mind, the heart, the blood and the soul which is exhibited through a character that is man and nature cannot be changed as a whole. On the other hand, ego can be modified through attitude and behavior, which is not called nature but attitude. Attitude can be modified to an extent through a pleasant or unpleasant mood. When a baby teases his siblings or friends, an adult scolds him not to tease them. As a result, the baby does not tease them as his attitude or behavior is modified for the time being but his nature is the same. He might tease them again in future as nature resides in his blood, mind and soul. Teasing others has been developed in his nature that is an everlasting trait. His obnoxious nature is restricted due to fear or for other reasons that is exposed anywhere he is free of these external forces.

Human nature is nurtured after birth where he is grown up and his trait is also developed within the environment provided. He observes and experiences his surrounding and adopts certain habits after going through some phases of adaptation. The Creator does not mold the nature of the man; what the Creator does is, bestows senses, life, feelings and emotion. Brutality and humility are not granted by the God; these are gained from the environment where the man lives and encounters certain spells and later becomes part of his nature.

A man is not born as a villain or having sense of perverseness against any entity but such traits and attitudes are experienced in the environment where he faces harsh brute and crude behaviors. A boy facing obnoxious attitude of his siblings or parents may develop a mysterious behavior in his nature as such spells torture his feelings and emotions. On the other hand, a boy facing pleasant moments in his surrounding may develop positive traits that nurtures his nature positively.

Adam was given only feelings, senses and emotion by the Creator, not appetite for that what he did and he was tempted by some external forces that might be Eve or the Devil but for that the Creator cannot be blamed. Adam’s attitude or behavior was distracted due to the inclination that was developed in his surrounding by the devil. Both Adam and Eve were misled by the devil that is something abstract which needs spiritual thought to perceive meaning in the depth.

Man suffering a lot in this world, if seeks help of Allah, leads to goodness and humility. On the other hand, if he seeks help from the material world or tries to escape from certain sufferings spoiling the rules of God, will indeed suffer manifold.

Goodness or badness after becoming part of nature of man cannot be changed. They will always be attached to the man which is immortal herein. A brutal man behaving politely is not changed thoroughly but his attitude might has been modified. His being brutal or fierce still runs in his blood and soul that might be exposed later on. If he consciously controls his crude and brute trait and dies in mortality that is what the Creator demands from him. Man’s crude nature always exasperates him to violate the boundary of the nature meanwhile what man has to do at certain moment is to purify his soul and mind from such dust. The real existence of everything is nature which is immortal.

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