MOAB and destruction of Uranium and Thorium deposits on AfPak Border.

(Sajid Hussain, Karachi)

The latest destruction caused by mother of all bombs(MOAB) on Pakistani city PARACHINAR villages especially Village Malana located on Afghanistan Pakistan(AfPak)border in form of cracks devolved in houses also reported in some sections of media. Worth mentioning strategic city named PARACHINAR located on Afghanistan Pakistan(AfPak) border touches four provinces of Afghanistan including Nagarhar province Achin district where MOAB was dropped recently. Parachinar also known as Parrot,s Beak due to exceptional strategic situation in entire FATA areas.

The local name "SpeenGhar Mountain" having famous Tora Bora Range (White mountain named given due to snow present on mountain throughout the year) which also serve as natural border between Afghanistan and Pakistan on one side of this mountainous range villages of PARACHINAR like Malana, Zeran and Shalozan etc are located while on other side different areas of Nagarhar Province including Achin area is located.

I as a resident of the AfPak border area visited the destruction sites talked to some local tribal people and some educated persons shared views that due to huge blast MOAB jolts like earthquake were observed with addition to cracks visible on buildings including houses.According to local with addition to cracks devolved in walls of buildings another important change is the color of famous white mountains snow in dark yellowish color which is clearly visible on heights of "SpeenGhar Mountain" or white mountains.Local population including people at Parachinar city also shared similar opnion that after the huge blast weather of Parchinar is too much hot(temprature rises) in month of April this year as compared to previous years where even in month of April people were wearing blankets and using fire woods/heater in houses.

While after recent MOAB Some local people of the border villages also recalled the memories of post 9/11 huge carpet bombardment by America and its allies on same Tora Boran range "SpeenGhar Mountain" or white mountains which intensity and huge voices were observed by people inside Parachinar and surrounding villages.

OTHER SIDE OF STORY AND REALITY BEHIND the MOAB latest blast and similarly post 9/11 huge carpet bombardment by America and its allies on Tora Boran range "SpeenGhar Mountain" or white mountains according to some local tribals and even some highly educated persons opinion(either true or another conspiracy theory it is an america attempt to destroy the huge reserves of Uranium and Thorium deposits present in Toran Bora and SpeenGhar mountain range on both sides i.e Parachinar and Nagrhar Province of AfPak border.After net browsing and research One of the report with Reference website taken from net search also suggests similar opinion that after America carried out deep carpet bombing in that area they disturbed the ore strata by generating temperatures in access of 1000C. At that temperature the chemical reactions take place and the ore becomes poisonous.A Canadian group called “Uranium Medical Research Centre, // collected data in the AfPak border areas and found higher doses of radioactivity amongst the population. This was the first study of its kind. According to Dr. Asaf Durakovic of the study group, “the purpose of the study was to determine the concentrations and precise isotopic compositions of four uranium isotopes (234U, 235U, 236U, and 238U) in urine specimens from the civilian population in the Afghanistan Pakistan (AfPak)border areas.

Anyhow the upcoming times and proper investigations will show the reality of both post 9/11 carpet bombardment and recent MOAB in Toran Bora and SpeenGhar mountain range,according to some tribal intellectuals america and its allies claims of targeting Alqaeda and recent IS terrorsits is just staged drama the best proof of which is that after 9/11 carpet bombarement in Musharaf regime time many Alaqeda men came via Parachinar route to Pakistan by crossing the Tora Bora and white mountains range(majority of them were even caught and handed by local tribals to authorities while some escaped and fled away).

According to local tribals in both of above carpet bombardment and recent MOAB claims of targeting Alqaeda and IS terrorists the loss of terrorists is very very minimized which justifies the other side of picture and opinion that is destruction of Uranium and Thorium deposits on AfPak Border.


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Need stability, not an area 100% controlled by militants. This is not a good area. Clean up society so people are better people and don't want to join, or physically resist against militants. Not a good area.
By: Countryless, Jalalabad on Apr, 21 2017
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