Internet can never be compared to books

(Hasan daim Abbasi, Karachi)

Studing books is a habit that makes an individual more knowledgeable and informative whether he is a student,adoctor,an engineer, a lawyer a journalist or someone other else. As a professional he must need to make sure of acquiring a proper and comprehensive knowledge about every topic relevant to his profession. In the same way a student if get the awareness of the importance of reading books in the student life his chances of failures reduces to zero extent. Today The books might not get the special importance as compared to the older times particularly in Pakistan.

Internet is no doubt a blessing that has made the life of reader much easier,one click can access you to any information regarding to any subject. This technology has saved the time of the reader but it also has made the reader more lethargic andlazy.The students of secondary level as well as graduation or masters level set the tradition of copy paste the assignments given by their teachers.The major loss of this so called tradition eliminates the researching skills. Also sometimes the material published on certain websites is biased or factually incorrect due to improper research done by the page administrator. Also there are very few libraries
in Pakistan due to low annual educational budget. In these libraries the books written by some professional foreign philosphers and authors are also not available due to heavy prices.

The books are
The companions in a way that the internet can never be.The author speaks us directly through the  Pages.We hear his or her voice if the story is compelling. It will become part of our own mentalities And provide us with an experience which we will had through the author.That is why the power of  Books can never be replaced by internet.

Another reason why the internet will never replace books is because those who wish to become writers want to see their works permanently published as books. Something you can hold ,see,feel,skim through and read as one’s leisure without the need for  Electric current.The writer may use a word processor instead of typewriter or a pen and pad,put the Finished product much eventually and even as a book if it to have value to the reading public.The writer  May use the internet in course of researching a subject but the end product will still be a book. Conclusion  There is no doubt that internet is a blessing and grace of modern technology that provide articles related to almost every topic.The books written by the professional foreign philosphers are the expensive ones and may be out of the reach of the middle class or poor families.It is the websites that allows them to access to the articles of these expensive books without any cost.On the same hand there are always some serious issues of authenticity regarding the material published on these internet websites so books are the assets that enables the nation to progress well in all the sectors of development.

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