Substandard Education In Pakistan

(Hasan daim Abbasi, Karachi)

Among the basic needs of citizen the provision of standard education at affordable cost is also the foremost basic requirement of a nation. because it is that kind of a miracle that lifts the nations to  to the peak of development and prosperity. But unfortunately in Pakistan the system of education is substandard. The reasons are numerous. The inadequate policies are the major threat to our education system. Although the government has brought a revolutionary change by increasing the budget of education to 11% as compared to the year 2015.Even our whole education infrastructure is worst as compared to the poor countries like Bangladesh as well.It is an alarming situation that  amongst the top 400 highly ranked universities in the world ,There was not even a single name of
any Pakistani private or public sector university. The major reasons that spoil the standard of education are as follows.

Every civilized nation always considers its first priority to provide  Uniform education with exact same curriculum but unfortunately we have different kinds of syllabus In almost every province.

There is a serious shortage of public libraries in the country. The govt must design Policies regarding libraries in the urban as well as rural areas.

In most of the public sector primary and secondary schools. Teacher do not come on regular basis. Every provincial government must adopt the biometric system for the attendance of teachers.

In the major part of our country the condition of public sector schools is worst. For example English language and literature do not find any importance in  Those schools. Infect it is a source of communication all around the world.

In the colleges and universities there is a dearth of scientific equipments used in the latest technologies Due to heavy costs.It is the responsibility of government to fulfill the latest scientific requirements to the students.

The quota system has badly affect the pure merit system. Students can take admissions in high profile departments of the universities due to son quota that is clear violation Of merit system.

In short we can say that it is only education that provides a right path to the country The high level of development and uplift. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves in such a manner that every individual may participate in the country’s progress. So that we may enroll  Ourselves to the the list of most civilized nations around.

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