7 ways to enhance conceptual studies

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


A Conceptual Study is an initial kind of intangible learning keeping in view of the different ideas and concepts to reach a concluding conceptual outcome by embodying the idea of intangible study. In conceptual studies, observations and experiments are not taking into consideration as it is the field of empirical study. The conceptual study refers to the social values, the psychological effects, the social science and the philosophy. The seven ways to enhance conceptual studies among students are given below:-

1) Brainstorming: Brainstorming is a conceptual tool that integrates the different ideas and concepts to help someone to reach the conclusion in order to find out a solution of a problem. It is one of the core ways to enhance the conceptual studies among students. Through brainstorming new ideas are developed – new concepts are emerging – new areas of thoughts are ascertained that are certainly helpful in solving the problems.

2) Puzzling Games or Contents: Puzzling Games or contents also help students in enhancing their conceptual studies. The puzzling games or puzzling contents strike the brain again and again to think about different angles to come to the conclusion. This kind of game or contents give feed to the brain.

3) Thinking about Thinking: It is a big conceptual tool or device in order to enhance conceptual studies among students. Thinking about thinking is a conceptual exercise in which different thoughts are taken into consideration to select the best one in order to come to a conclusion to solve a problem.

4) Physical Abilities & Physiological Practice: Physical abilities and health is the basic qualification to enhance the conceptual studies as without physical health and abilities one cannot enhance the conceptual studies. It is a saying of learned people that a healthy body breeds the healthy brain and healthy brain solves big problem through innovative ideas and concepts.

Also, a powerful tool to enhance the conceptual studies is physiological practice, i.e. physical exercise, taking balanced food, taking sound sleep and avoiding all negative deeds and feeds to save the physiological soundness. All positive physiological practice enhances conceptual studies among students as by way of practice they understand how does brain work – how cells, muscles and organs do work – all these understandings enhance their conceptual studies.

5) Social Contacts: Social contacts also enhance the conceptual studies among students because it brings new ideas and concepts by breaking the bounded rationality. In social contact new varieties of views are obtained through discussion and debate with experts of different expertise.

6) Extensive Traveling: Extensive traveling is a primitive tool to enhance conceptual studies because in traveling one meets with different people having different cultures, habits, custom and tradition as well as people of different religions that opens a new sphere of knowledge.

7) True Belief: Without true belief to lead life is difficult because if there is no belief, there is no relief as satisfying of hearts is hidden in true belief. True belief is: Believe in only and only alone Allah, Believe in Doomsday, Believe in reciprocal deeds. It is a spiritual truth that true belief enhances the conceptual studies because deep satisfaction opens the cell of the brain.

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