(Mehwish Abbasi, Karachi)

Newspapers play a vital role in delivering news, views and analyses of all happening around the country and worldwide, with the spread of education, the popularity of newspapers has increased leaps and bounds. Newspapers are powerful means of forming public opinion.They comment on various policies of the government and also suggest solutions to various problems that society faces. People, in turn, utilize the pages of the newspapers to express their pleasure, grievances, and dissatisfaction about government and its actions. Newspapers are thus an effective watchdog of the society. Advertisements are an essential part of newspapers. Many companies advertise their products and services in the newspapers.

Newspapers, however, have major disadvantages. They can easily become propaganda and a tool of political parties. Parties use newspapers to spread wrong information and misguide people. They distort the news and information. Indecent pictures and deceitful advertisements corrupt our youth.

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