(Sidra Anwar, Karachi)

“ An education system isn't worth a great idea if it teaches young people how to make a living, but
doesn't teach them how to make a life”
Education is considered as the cheapest defense of a nation, but unfortunately, the downtrodden condition of our education system in Pakistan bears a testimony fact that it's unable to defend its own sector.Pakistan is among one of those countries where people are lacking possess a fine quality of education.The educational system of Pakistan doesn't encounter the international standards of education.

Our educational system has many flaws which need's to be resolved. The educational system of Pakistan is based on two different mediums.Mostly private schools are English medium while the government schools are Urdu medium, which split's the students into two segments. While the quality of education that offers in Pakistan doesn’t contest with the higher standard of education because sufficient surveillance hasn’t paid to the technical and vocational education.Another factor for the dreadful condition of an educational system in Pakistan is the tendency of skilled and well-trained teachers in educational institutions. Further, allocation of funds by the government of Pakistan for educational institutions are very low, which is also a major cause of substandard education system in Pakistan.

Uniform curriculum should be approved for all the educational institutions of Pakistan, so every student could acquire equal opportunities for the accomplishment of quality education. To strengthen the educational system of Pakistan government should take beneficial initiatives for the resolvent of above mention issues, this wouldn’t only assure fruitful results in attaining one of the major goals of education, but also enhance the standard of our education system of Pakistan at international level.

“Education is simply the soul of a society, as it passes from one generation to another".

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