Why Teaching Profession Is In The Doldrums

(Ahmed Mujtaba, karaci)

The word “Teacher” is taken from the Sindhi Language ‘AKHUND’ which when translated means a person who has learnt by heart and shows the way, fulfilling Allah Command.

The first word “Iqra” upon the revelation (WAHI) of our Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (P.B.U.H/S.A.W) on being visited by the Holy Angel Hazrat Gabriel who asked the Holy Prophet to read the revelation, to which the Holy Prophet replied; “LA” (No), meaning; I cannot read upon which Hazrat Gabriel told the Holy Prophet, by doing as said; these words shall be inscribed upon his heart.

So from that moment, it’s every Muslim’s Aim in life to dedicate one’s self to the field of “Education”, by becoming a teacher.

Teaching; by many is taken for granted a Hobby (Even Strangely worded by some illiterates and narrow minded dunces as time passing professions, an easy task, but in reality it’s a pains taking profession, where the would be teacher has to shed sweat and tears to make a name and mark for him/her self.

Gone are the days, when a village school teacher was looked upon as a ‘fatherly figure’ and was asked by the parents not to spare the “ROD” even though they had brought up their wards and fed them with a golden spoon.

The village school teacher was given due respect to such an extent that he not only taught the village boys and girls, but was even sought after concealed and act as a ‘Judge’.

In some cases of domestic affairs misunderstanding of theft.

With the passage of time, the wheels having turned, and the standard of both teaching and the syllabus curriculum, taking a back step the percentage level of education standard in government schools has hit the lowest EBB, nose viding to such an extent that we are way below the graph standard’s of education as compared to other countries of the world.

This fault lies mainly due to the fact that mostly the teachers are not provided better opportunities or are restricted from bettering their future, by taking advantage of the advantages of so called modern era technologies of the print and socio-economic spheres.

This profession has lost its charm, gracefulness, dignity and sincerity, as ‘education’, has taking a back step with ‘black money’, taking against step forward in the field of education being invested by entrepreneurs opening English medium schools, not for raising the bar of education but for fleecing the simpleton parents, by showing them greener pastures and luring them into tall false claims of modernizing the pupils and bettering their vocabulary so that the space goat parent’s could look upon their wards, with blown-up chest in pride, pomp and glory.

Alas! The first stake was put through the education coffin, when three alphabets, “ISM,” were added to the word, ‘Commercial,’ for now the so called, “English Medium School,” do not nurture the students as per their abilities to grasp every lesson it’s contents, words, meanings and their usage, nor is their I.Q level taken into consideration.

As many seek admissions, only to seek a high status within their circle of friends, Acquaintances and many parents even go to the extent of seeking “finance,” by “Mortgaging,” their property; obtained by working their “Hinds-off,” only for the better future of their off springs.

Sadly enough 90% of the populace falls, prey to the soft spoken, wily, so called humanitarian and considerate people, who give them, sugar coated pills of buttery, fattening, and sympathy, all a farce and hoax; making grounds for the owners filling their tills to their hearts content.

Secondly, once this field and profession was looked upon with respect, now sadly enough, the admiration, good name of talented experienced, well mannered has been dragged so low, and their foreheads rubbed in to the mire, by some under handed tricks by some people in this profession.

This leads to the question and thinking by the teachers as to why they worked their heart and foul, burning the midnight oil to become a teacher, no aim not for monetary gains, cheap publicity digit pay slips, but only for solace of their hearts.

Lastly the prescribed books and curriculum syllabus is far below the standard of other schools around the world in comparison, as the students are not given the chance to open their minds, visualize enlarge their mental faculties as such the teaching profession seems to be in the doldrums due to the “poor preparation” of the “Curriculum” by the present minister of education, as compared to the period of the famed, well-mannered, intelligent, soft spoken, personality Miss Anita Ghulam Ali.

From: Ahmed Mujtaba Qazi
CNIC No.: 42201-4910015-3
Contact # : 0345-2241215
Department of Mass Communication,
University of Karachi.
Address: House # A-1/14, Al-Muslim Society, Scheme-33, University Road,

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