10 – Time Management Tips for Students in University Life

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)

To lead university life and to study in a prominent university is a deep longing of each and every student, but mostly students are not in a position to take admission or study in the university due to some unavoidable circumstances. The Ten Time Management Tips for Students in University Life are given below:-
1) Selecting a Major or Course: Before starting university life, it is essential to select a major after due consideration so that study in university life could proceed smoothly and no regret is felt in due course on account of wrong major. The major or course in accordance with the mental tendency and approach will keep a student excited and dynamic all the time and he will certainly take a deep interest in his studies.

2) Purpose of Study: Purpose of study must be determined because it facilitates students to get their goals. It may be kept in mind that the main purpose of study should not be to earn money, but it should be to learn in a practical way, deliver to needy and train to trainers as well as to serve the unprivileged all these activities will automatically open the door of blessings.

3) Avoid Delaying Tactics: Students must avoid delaying tactics in order to give value to time because time is a bigger thing than money as lost money can get again, but lost time cannot get. Regularly attending the classes and accomplishing all assignments in time is the quality of Time Management.

4) Follow University Rules & Discipline: Discipline has long lasting impact gives fruitful results. All students are required to follow the rules and discipline framed by University Management so that enabling and peaceful environment could be created at the University that will grow curriculum and non-curriculum activities.

5) Follow the students’ life cycle: University life general spans over four-five years. It is shaped like a T from bottom to up. The right horizontal fraction of T denotes the successful life of Alumni and Alumna (former Students) whereas the left bit shows gloomy and unproductive life. All students of university level are required to follow the students’ life cycle by confining themselves into educational and healthy activities leaving all negative and pessimist aspects.

6) Sooner and Saner Approach: Students must understand their deeds have consequences. Positive deeds breed fruitful rewards and vice versa. Sooner and saner approach requires them to understand the law of nature as soon as possible so that their students’ life could pass in flat and happy way. By keeping in view of this approach, students are in a position to manage their time in a constructive way by avoiding illusion approaches.

7) Compromising Approach: Life is dynamic and swings like a cradle. It needs movement – without movement there is no life, similarly without air life is impossible. During the course of students’ activities there are several occasions when students have to resort to compromising approach like an economist who resorts to opportunity cost. A compromising approach requires them to create a passion of sacrification at least to some extent, so that they could be accommodated in all circles.

8) Flexibility Approach: Students must be flexible – in their behavior, in their dealings, in their feelings, in their mailing, in their talking as flexibility approach will save them from multiple harmful consequences.

9) Caring Approach: A caring approach requires students not only care for themselves, but also care for others. Caring for themselves will provide physical health to them and caring for others will give spiritual and mental satisfaction that is unavoidable for both. Moreover, they should not involve in student politics because it should waste their time and strength also may hurt them. Their all diversions should be on study and on healthy activities so that they have no time for unproductive deeds.

10) God Fearing Approach: A God Fearing Approach may lead students towards real success, i.e. both worlds’ success – world success is the name material success, whereas day-after success is purification of deeds along with faith. This approach will keep students not only satisfied but also energetic - on account of this their energy will grow with the passage of time and a day will come when they become important figures of the society and rule the day.

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