Power Shortfall- Who is responsible?

(Sehr Abrar, Karachi)

Since we know that Pakistan's climate has been affected by the harmful impacts of global warming.Most parts of Sindh are engulfed by the heatwave like 43 degree Celsius were recorded in Nawabshah and larkana. Last year many lives were lost by the heat stroke and this year it is predicted that the temperature will go above 52 degree Celsius. On the other hand the duration of load shedding in urban areas is 8-10 hours and in rural areas is 10-14 hours. In these circumstances the survival of people will become hard for this who will be responsible?

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz's tenure is going to end in 2018 and still the promise of ending the load shedding is not fulfilled. yes, the dams and power stations were built by the Government but the working was not started.Most of the developmental works of the National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) were delayed which also resulted in the electricity shortfall. The current production of electricity in Pakistan is 9400 MW but the demand of the country is 14700 MW. The hydroelectricity is affected from the lack of water reservoirs. These low quantities of power and electricity generation is affecting the lives of common people for this who will be responsible?

I just pray to Allah Almighty to give our concerned authorities Hidiyat

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