Modesty is the best policy

(Munawar, London)

A snake lived near a busy road and used to attack everyone passing by. People were fearful of going near the snake, and used an alternative route to avoid it.
People tried to get rid of the snake in order to be able to use that road again, but every struggle went in vain.
Someone told the locals that this snake is a devout follower of a monk residing in that area.
The people decided to go to the monk so he could warn the snake not to trouble God’s creatures living around him.
The holy person called the snake and warned him not to attack innocent people. The Snake apologized for his malice attitude and promised not to attack again.
Upon returning, the snake allowed the people to use the road without him troubling them.
The people were surprised about the snake’s behavior and became encouraged to use that road regularly once again.
As the people regularly used the road again, they started to get in the way of the snake. As the people became braver, they decided to hurl stones at it.
The snake went to the monk covered in blood and said this is what people have done to me because of your advice.
The monk explained to the snake.
My dear in this world always remain modest, therefore I told you not to attack God’s creatures. However, I did not tell you to abandon your hissing sound to keep people at a distance otherwise no one will allow you remain alive in this world.
When the Holy Prophet was in Medina, he was passing by the Jewish area accompanied by his disciples. In those days, there was a fever which had spread in Medina, and many disciples were unwell. Because of this illness, they were walking rather slowly. When, they Holy Prophet reached the Jewish area, he advised the disciples to walk with full pace to show people that we are not affected. This means that we should not be cruel to someone, but we should also not show our weaknesses to others so that no one can use your weakness against you.

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