5 – Adverse Effect of Bullying in School

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


Bullying or harassment is a social crime that can be reduced, but not fully eliminated. Man is naturally quarrelsome. He carefully observes his rights, but does not take care of his responsibilities and non-compliance of responsibilities lead to disturbance in the world. If man totally fulfills his responsibilities, then a large number of riots and uproars certainly would cease to exist. The five adverse effects of bullying in school are given below:-

1. Elimination of Study Interest: Students go to a school for learning – learning education, learning discipline, learning manners and learning for delivery. The environment of the school must be enabling and peaceful and all students should be provided an education without any discrimination and harassment. If the school surroundings tend to be bullied, then the interest of the students in the study would eliminate. They mentally and physically will remain disturbed and worried. In the long run, their learning tendency would be converted into fleeing tendency.

2. Elimination of Character Building: Nations are recognized for their characters as their character is good as they would be trusted by other nations. Students are builders of the future, therefore each nation or government wants their character building. The bullying tendency in school will eliminate the character building of students; resultantly they become a liability to a nation and hurt the development process. The nation severely suffers from their inability and has to import a large number of skilled workers to run the corporate sector; in this process a large amount of foreign exchange is wasted.

3. Bullying creates Bullying: Good deed breeds a good thing and bad breeds bad. If students are bullied, harassed and discriminated in schools that will badly affect their character. Moreover, in the long run, it is possible that they may become a running sore for a society and begin to harass and abuse others. Students must be protected by providing them enabling and enviable environment so that they are in a position to serve the society or the nation by their skill and labor. Further provision of enviable environment will put the nation on a development track known as an economically strong country.

4. Become a Pessimist: A pessimist person sees the wrong side of each aspect. For example a pessimist person describes: “the glass is half empty”. On the other hand, an optimist person describes: “the glass is half full”. The optimist person sees the bright aspect of each thing, while the pessimist does not. If students are bullied and harassed in schools; it may be possible that they may become pessimists and hurt not only themselves but also others.

5. Uproar in the Society & lack Tolerance: Due to bullying and harassment in the schools, society witnesses lack tolerance, killing, fighting, hatred, distortion in a relationship as well as lynching on the roads. Further, an uproar in the society will be common that kill the tranquility and peace; people will remain disturbed and worried and easily prey to mental/physical diseases. The continuation of uproar and lack tolerance breaks the development process, the unemployment becomes common, remittances are reduced and the foreign investment is ceasing to flow.

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