5 – Tips for Character Building of Students

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


Human character has long-life impact not only for the society, but also for each and every person who has interaction with a characterized person. Due to its importance each religion of the world emphasizes good character after faith. Good character modifies the life and opens the door of love and success. The five tips for character building of students are given below:-

1) Speak Less and Listen More: It is a spiritual fact that one who hears much and speak less is saved from multiple negative consequences and difficulties. The nature has given us two ears and one tongue, in order to hear much and speak less. The listening practice boosts the intellectual abilities up on the other hand; one who speaks much is not intelligent. His talking is useless and not up to the mark and people soon become boring to hear his talking. Quietness is the sign of wisdom because a wise man is not talkative. He speaks on need basis if someone asks him any question, then he replies to the question in a substantial way. His reply is generally corresponding to the point and does not leave any vacuum. His reply satisfies mostly human beings and they take a lesson from his reply. Students are advised to follow the tip, i.e. to speak less and listen much.

2) Uplift the passion of scarification: Scarification is the real purpose of life – to sacrifice the life to the way of Allah – to sacrifice own wishes for the sake of others – to sacrifice wealth for the welfare of others and to sacrifice own ease in order to provide ease to others. Scarification is the most difficult phenomenon of life. It requires a powerful thinking, a powerful decision making and a powerful faith and knowledge. These qualities uplift the passion of scarification and distinguish the man. All students must uplift the passion of scarification so that success could embrace them warmly.

3) Follow the orders of Heavenly Books: Without discipline and regulation life cannot be led smoothly and properly also peace in the world cannot be sustained. In order to lead a disciplined and satisfied welfare life, students must follow the orders of Heavenly Books, which emphasize two main factors, i.e. faith and service. Faith creates discipline and regulation and service leads to development and satisfaction. Faith means trust in only Allah, Heavenly Books and Doomsday and service means work – work for self and work for others.

4) To Control Lust: Undue desires and wishes spoil the character of human beings and carry them to no-return place if they could not control their undue desires and lust. All crimes, i.e. killing, extortion, stealing, dacoity, raping and corruption can be attributed to undue desires and lust. Undue desires and lust is the destruction for the world peace; it can be controlled by way of outreach education and accessible adjudication. In order to build their characters and security students will have to control their undue desires and lusts.

5) Grow the passion of Tolerance: Due to lack tolerance killing, fighting, hatred, distortion in a relationship and messing are common owing to this lynching is being witnessed on the roads. If tolerance passion is not controlled, peace and tranquility in the world can never be restored. All students are advised tolerate to each other and not reach to the boiling position. The passion of tolerance will build their personality by way of their acceptability to each circle.

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