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Lets spread happiness together this Ramadan

(laiba irfan, Islamabad)

Aao mil kar khushoan banten

My name is Laiba Irfan and I am 13 years old. About 2 or 3 months ago I watch video about washing powder which a song played in background is "Aj meri Peshani par qissmat na chooma hai". And this time I think something to do for charity or child labour. Then I paint 5 shoe box with my own hands and think place some food and stationary in these boxes. I think about these boxes to distribute these boxes in this Ramadan. I said to my sister she appreciate me. And said me to do this with my pocket money. I think and feeling too good to do this with my pocket money. Only two days are left in Ramadan and I just ready my boxes. I just only said to you to do something for your country or child which need your help. Aao mil kar khushian banten iss Ramazan (Let's spread happiness together this Ramadan)
Pakistan Zindabad

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