Education system of Pakistan

(Talha wajid, Lahore)

Education what the real means of Education A book to learn or Final Papers A+Grades no not at all Education is all about Training of your character if your Character is good means you Educate yourself in right ways.Sad But truth that Pakistan Education system provide us key books,Past Papers,99 Per Marks, A very tough competition now a days but 0 per training of your character. We Still Love to Memorised anything without understanding And most funny Moment is that Before papers we have Important MCQs,Short Questions and Important Guess that all things in future will no longer help us Thats not a Education system we looking for we have to Groom our Childerns not for that they got 99 per marks and will make money in future. Memorised is not important understanding is important Education Depends on 3 Steps: 1:Follow the character 2:Groom your Personality 3:Build your Character.

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