Exploring Deep Space Sea

(Talha Zafar, Karachi)

As we look up at the deep dark sky, we find twinkling stars. A question haunts our mind! What do these twinkling stars tell us about? Many answers given to this question by scientists, astronauts, teachers and laymen are either regarding these space objects which we call Celestial Objects. We assume that these objects tell us about time, past and direction. But also, you assume that these celestial objects that tell us about future.

Although it’s an interesting topic for discussion, let it explain to you, as we explore the deep sky beyond the earth’s limits the thing we found is space. In space we have different celestial shining and dark celestial objects. The fundamental theory regarding the creation of Universe given by Science of Astronomy and Cosmology is about the factor Time. The Universe is belive to have come into being with a big bang happen in the space about trillions of light years ago. As the ‘Time’ factor runs, the life on universe runs. The life means life of planets, stars or moons, consequently as the time stops, the universe comes to end.

It seems quite interesting to unravel how celestial objects like stars, galaxies, moons, comets and other shining satellites in deep space, which reveal to us about the past. The phenomenon is simple; the stars or other shining celestial objects are found to be at the same place as we observe, which is however not true, because stars also change their positions with respect to their axis and coordinates.

Other than this, the stars we look at are not at the position where they seem to be. They were once in 100 billion years ago there. Might have moved out but its light reaches the earth. This distance is known as Light year in Astronomy and Space Science. This is how we see the past by watching it emitting light that then reaches us.

Star played an important role in figuring out the direction and distance in the ancient time. It has importance in geographic science to find the correct distance and direction with the help of constellation of stars. Other than this, we also figure out months with the help of these celestial objects like moon.

Last but not least question that comes to mind while watching the dark sky objects is that, stars reveal to us about the future. According to Space Science and Astronomy, no such scientific principle or theory exists which expounds that celestial objects tell the future of any individual or state.

Exploring deep space sea appeals wide interest as it keeps searching for and observing and the infinite limit of space. A number of theories, law and principles are applies in the field of astronomy and cosmology to assist scientist and amateur astronauts for scientific research. Considerable innovation and scientific research come up with different and technical approaches, which widen the scope of research in the field of space science and also in other subjects like Plasma Physics, Astrophysics, Astronomy, Cosmology and many more. However, finding the end of limit of space and how universe will come to an end is yet under strenuous contemplative study.

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