Overcoming Child Abuse

(Syed Jehanzaib Azam, Karachi)

Child Abuse in Pakistan

During the first six months of 2016, 2,127 incidents of child sexual abuse were reported from across the country. This is serious stuff. People need to be aware what is happening with their kids. Sometimes kids don’t tell parents what had happened. This is due to fear, but mostly it is due to communication gap in our generation. So what is parents our responsibility in all of this?

Right from the start, we train our kids not to talk to strangers at all. But we forget to make it clear that do not even talk to your family members if they are showing wrong intentions towards you. As parents, we can train our kids to be more aware of the surroundings and people around us. This world is mean. We have robbers, killer roaming around freely. But the worst part is, there are family members that do awful things even to kids without even giving a second thought of that.

Firstly, as parents, we need to train our kids how to deal with child abuse. Train them to read the signs. Read how people are communicating and having contact with you. If something is making your kid uneasy, train them to shout and let other people know. Fear is a great motivator, but train your kids to fear the ONE and ONLY ALLAH, rest is all delusion. People play with emotions to overcome their hunger.

Secondly, what if the act is already been done. In this case, as parents or as family members you need to regain the confidence of the kid. Let the kid allow to take things as they are and forget them so he/she can move on. You can teach them meditation to get a hold on their emotions and control the negative thoughts occurring from time to time. Yes, child abuse has long term effects only if you do not take necessary measures to overcome the situation. And one sure way to overcome it is to let your child face it with his full strengthen. Give your child the confidence he/she have lost. Confidence is one thing that they need right now. Understand them, talk to them. Ask them to share their feelings with you. The problem with parents these days is that parents do not spend enough quality time with their kids. And the result is not good.

As parents, it is your responsibility to give your children enough room, enough love, and enough respect, so they can talk to you about any topic they feel uncomfortable. Raising kids is easy, even animals raise their kids. But raising kids that can do well in this world is really hard. It takes sleepless nights and countless days to raise a child. But to raise a child that can face this cruel world is really hard. You need to talk to the child and let them know that this world is cruel sometimes, and for that, they need to pay attention to their surroundings. As a matter of fact, the child needs to learn how to protect themselves from the evil ahead. Teach them some basic self-defense tactics. YouTube and show them how to do basic protection.

Child Abuse is the much less talked about topic, but it is the one that needs most of the attention. We need to raise kids that are competent enough to deal with the danger of this inhuman act.

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