Mutual Concerns

(Khizra, karachi)

“Hey, I am kind of busy right now, I will call you later.” Call cancelled “Hey kid, come on lets have a family time together.” “no dad! I am going out to hang out with friends and all. Later. Bye.” “can I burrow some money? I will return you soon, I promise.” “sorry mate, I gotta need it today, maybe next time.”

In a busy world all around us, each and everyone is engaged and busy in his her life. Whether with other people or with themselves. These are the mutual concerns we all have.

Parents want time and care from their children, which they have for others, friends, school college mates. They are engaged with the whole world around them, neglecting those in their neighbourhood. They know each and everything of what is happening at their aunts or uncles home miles away at London or Canada, but they don’t know of what has happened in the home next door. They know what their friends and college mates are planning to do in coming years, but they don’t know what their brothers and sisters have in their minds related to this. They have plenty of time and importance for those in their small gadgets, but none for those right infront of them. They get really disturbed when someone in their social circle gets ill, or has a bad time, but not when those living with them get suffered. Also family members usually have concerns that a specific person has all importance for everyone else and none for them. They think that they have a wonderful and big social circle with them. While those being twenty-four hours engaged, think that they lack a sincere and strong bonding with some people. Problem arising here is lack of communication which we now find very much difficult to solve.

It’s a human nature never to get satisfied with everything he has. It’s a common observation. Those who don’t have money, are dying to get it in any way, good or bad. And those who have it, want to get rid of it, they take it as a burden, driving everyone’s attention towards it. Because those having it know that they have no importance for anyone around them, they count nothing after they lose it. They have intense desires of having some real sincere and loyal people around. But this can never be made understandable to those lacking it! Those lacking money as a basic need of life can never get this and they are unthankful of sincere and loyal people around and just wanna get rid of them. Similarly, those being busy in their lives, working twenty four seven, are longing for a little quality time for themselves, but those having a lot of it don’t take it into count. They want to be busy so that they can get rid of stupid thoughts of their minds. Those living in small houses, want to move to a newer one, a bigge one because the number of people have increased so quick. While those living in houses being big and huge, want to move out of it, because there are no residents left to live.

Simply, no one is satisfied and contended with what he has, everyone wants to get what others have because without it, life seems incomplete and unfair. Point is, no one in his own situation is wrong, they are all right, where they are. for a well known rich businessman, its impossible to make him understand the importance of few hundreds for a poor factory worker. Similarly, for a poor clerk living with five kids in a two rooms house, it is very difficult to make him understand how it is to be alone the whole day in a large house with number of rooms and no one to live.

If everyone is right in his her own situation, there is no need to correct anyone right? But then a question may be asked, “ how can we live satisfied and contended with what we have?” answer is : PATIENCE, and an INTENSION TO GET WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE, WITH FAIR MEANS, and never letting go your efforts. if you get it, fine, great! If you don’t, doesn’t matter, BE PATIENT! Strive for it, again and again, and still if you don’t get it, BE PATIENT! may be its not written for you? May be someone else is named to get it, not you? But then again you may ask, “don’t we deserve to get what we want to?” yes, it may be so that you may be deserving, but you don’t get it. Because, what we usually forget is that, life here,in this world is real unfair! No person on this earth will be living a satisfactory life, there will be most of his desires that were not fulfilled. If still he is contended, means that he has learnt to be patient with what he has lost and thankful on what he has achieved. This is the attitude we need to acquire. We need to be patient and thankful at the same time. Our desires will never make us so. It is we who have to be strong enough to get strength and acquire these qualities within us. If not, then there will be no happiness left for us. Happiness is not based on circumstances, it is based on choices. Lets learn to make our lives happy by our own choices so that, looking back at our lives after many years be satisfied that we have led a happy life.

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