Precious gift of God “ Mom”

(Muhammad Saleem Khan, Karachi)

When you knew how to talk, what was your first word? It is Mom. We have experienced childhood in the arms of our moms. We have experienced childhood in the considerable love of our moms. Nobody can love us like mothers it is 1000 percent. Mother sacrifices everything for her children but no can do that like mothers. If anybody asks me, who is the best woman in your life? I will say mom.

With me, my mom is the best lady on the planet. Nobody can supplant her in my heart. I respect my mom, I don't know why she is constantly occupied with everyday tasks, dealing with my family yet she never says she is tired. Consistently, she is the principal individual in my family, who awakens early. At that point, she makes breakfast for my family. Mother loves us so much more than her life. Her love is deep like the ocean, the world and nothing can replace of it. Mother also a good friend. My mother always told me please stop playing and pay attention on my study.

Mom gave me everything of life. You protected me, you looked after me but, but you never ask me to pay back. You are the greatest woman in this world and my heart. I will be in my heart forever and can never forget your precious love. In future I will be a successful person in life due to you. Now I have everything but you!
“Thank You Mom”

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