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Social psychology is the scientific study of human emotion, thinking and behavior that we perform or effected by the others or how we feel about, think about and behave with others while living in the society which shows its holistic importance in our daily day routine, social psychology explain us that how a person implement these three aspects while performing any social interaction in the society. Social psychologists understand the dynamics of our social relations to provide us better way to build our attitude in positive manner.

History and principles of Social psychology
Social psychology began with the systematic and formal measurement of human thoughts, feeling and behavior, the first social psychology textbook was published in 1908, latter on some social psychologists like ‘Kurt Lewin’ and ‘Leon Festinger‘ contribute their excellence towards the progress od the field, like working on dynamicinteraction of people to make social psychology as a scientific discipline. In 1954, Festinger edited a book named as ‘research method in behavioral sciences’in which he and his fellow researchers focus the different variables and laboratory experiments in systematic way to test hypothesis regarding social behavior. There are many usefull experiments held by the researchers era that flourished the discipline of social psychology like a research conduct to understand that, how German dictator ‘Adolf Hitler’ produced such intense obedient behaviour in his soldiers to perform abhorrent acts during world war two, which shows that, authority create obedience behavior that motivates people to perform any act ordered by the authority, experiment named as ‘prison study’ performed by Banks and Zimbardo on college students as prisoners and guards also determine the influence of authority on the concept of obedience. Social psychologists explain the human thinking and behavior in certain circumstances that, how people interact with each other while having different attitudes. Advancement in cognitive psychology through computer technology play vital role towards the exploration of the fieldwhich leads social psychology towardsmore comparative status, in recent years social psychologists are serving to design anti-violence programs in diversified situations.We interact with each other in the society while having different individual characteristics based on traits, desires, motivation and emotions, these attributes are influenced by the social situation in which we express our behaviors. We, as humans have same characteristics because of universally shaped through the natural processofevolution, genetic code provide the specialized skills which help us for better survival in the society. Our evolutionary adaptation supports us to develop our social behavior according to the situation for having particular characteristics.

The most important tendency as living organisms is to keep our self-enhanced, maintained and alive for getting the best possible survival and to achieve certain fundamental goals, we put our full effort despite focusing others domain. E.g. our politicians just focus about their self-concern to live full luxurious life without thinking of others.When you are motivated to help others without having any self-benefit, in this form people has a aim to facilitate others and think for collective benefits while performing any social activity at societal level. In this case we do not put our-self first, we encourage the representation of all individuals on collective basisby refusing selfishbehaviors e.g. What Muhammd Ali Jinnah done for the nation; show his others concern to unite people and get a separate land for theMuslims of sub-continent despite of his one self-interest.In the discussion of self and others concern, it is very important to discuss the social situation that motivate the behavior of individuals to adopt self-concern or others-concern, these both attributes can be happened together e.g. A cricket player behave in such manner that protect his individual performance and also motivate his batting partner because at the end if they both performed well, their teams will win and their individual performances will also be appreciated. Social psychology is also called the interplay of social situation, self-concern and others-concern.

Different Cultures has different norms
The nexus of customs, traditions, standards and rules and general values of the group is known as ‘Culture’that makes a collective pattern for all the members of any particular group to follow that pattern, cultures differ in terms of norms, norms are the identity of any society that describes certain rules to guide our social behavior. Due to difference in cultures, norms have its modifications on the basis of geographical differences, like Chinese has different traditional valuesand Canadians has some other traditional values that they follow, in western countries like Britain, Franceand Germany, people promotes the individual living style,whereas in eastern countries like Pakistan and India people prefer collective living style which shows the difference of adopting norms in these two different regions that also depicts the difference to develop any social behaviors. Sometimes, an individual has his/her influence on the society like General Raheel Sharif creates his own impression on Pakistani society, people motivate his actions and support him in intense way, that change happened due to a single individual that develop social norm in the society to think, behave and feel about army man in such a expressive manner. Asas we conclude we can say that Social psychology; as a scientific study guiding us, how to feel, think and behave in the society while interacting others, how to develop your attitude according to the situation and how to express your concern that also complement others concern while living in heterogeneous environment.

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