Those Confusing People Are Enemies Of God And Good


If all the fools were one powerful fool, if all the idiots were one powerful idiot, if all the cunning, corrupt, crooks and sinners (By nature and character) were one powerful one and if all the superpowers and powerful nations of the world were one powerful one and if they keep trying to imagine and think of reaching and teaching God a lesson, as they have been trying to do for thousands of years with all their might and cunningness, they will find themselves losers and doomed and ultimately burning in their graves and hell. To destroy these creeps and children and followers of devil, God has to say only three words: Kun Faya Koo (Be it). They know this very well but still the evil commands and temptations. The true believers and followers of God will never waste their time and energy on them and leave them to God Who will take “Very good care”. They know their fate---Burning and charred bodies. This will be permanent process. No prophets including David, Moses and Jesus, who all obey the commands of God, would be there to help them.

This is their fate. They know their fate very well but because of their bad nature and character and the huge amount of money they get for such dirty job they keep firing shots in the sky and trying to conquer space with ulterior motives. The good people try to reach the space and deepest part of the ocean for the purpose of research and in the interest of humanity and mankind. The corporate world and most of rich people are the biggest enemy of humanity. They only know one thing and that is their vested interests. They spent billions of dollars on making fake mullahs, priests and rabbis whose dirty job is to keep misguiding, misleading, exploiting and confusing the poor and innocent people. Confusion is one of their most powerful weapons supported by evil temptations. The fact and reality is that they themselves (The whole lot) are the one who remain the most confused.
Since the cunning, crook and corrupt people face utter failure in all their sinister acts and moves against God, and also they miserably failed to create distortion in the holy book Quran, which is a standing challenge of God to them so now they have adopted a strategy of confusing people through whatever ways and means possible. Instead of giving them importance and taking them seriously our focus must remain on helping, protecting and guiding all good, poor and innocent people. No sensible person would exchange precious stones for filth. This is for sure. Also, we must pray to God for giving them guidance.


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