(Maryam Nasir, Karachi)

The word Pakistan was composed by Choudhry Rahmat Ali and it means "the land of pure".Such a heart touching name for all Pakistanis even its more heart touching after knowing its meaning.But now when I and I am sure even you when think about Pakistan your views would be that its not the Pakistan which Quaid-e- Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal,Sir Syed Ahmed Khan thought of and for which Muslims scarified their every thing.

And we are right to think about it but the reason behind its position is not only me or you but every Pakistani you sees wrong but does not raise his/her voice against it.Not only the youth but even the aged group who think their life is more precious than Pakistan.And the youth have their dazzling future in front of them.Thinking of bright future is great, being motivated for it is the best but thinking that I would go to a foreign country and earn in other currency is wrong.thinking about your future is good.Thinking about your progress is great but forgetting about that country's progress which gave you the platform to be so talented is selfishness and its not great.You know why?because the one who scarified their lives for us wanted us to make Pakistan.

No doubt many of your or my relatives,friends are working in other countries and having that reputation or that respect which we desire for but have you ever noticed that when you work for your country even if your job is not up to your status or your salary is just fine but still have you ever felt the happiness of serving your country .If not then don't worry because that one day will surely come when your pride will reach the sky only because you served your country.And who knows may be you or I will lead the Pakistan to that position which it deserves the 1st position in success because who knew Muslims will get Pakistan and we did and now who know may be we lead Pakistan to progress which it is waiting for many years.

Now I think you are getting bored so my final message "Have faith in Allah and have that courageous heart which Pakistan wants and believe in your skills."
Thanks a lot for reading .

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