Child Labor

(Aisha Ansari, karachi)

Child labor is a reality in Pakistan. Many organizations have estimated that there could be anywhere from 8 to 19 million child laborers in the country. The age of a child is defined from age five to age fourteen, of which there are 40 million in Pakistan, according to a survey last year by the Federal Bureau of Statistics, funded by International Labor Organization’s IPEC (International Programme on the Elimination of Child Lab our). This means that nearly half of all children are working. This is unacceptable given that a principle of policy in Pakistan is to provide free education and rid the country of illiteracy. In many cases, the parents of child laborers cannot afford an education for their children or they believe that education does not lead to marketable skills. However, statistics show that most child laborers go on to have children that do not attend school and the cycle of poverty continues. This article will be divided into three sections: the first will discuss the laws regarding child labour and why child labor continues to be a reality; the second will look at different industries where children work and how they affect the well being of those children; and the third will examine possible solutions.

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