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Since I had taken admission in school, from that time every dog flees me away. Not only me but all the literate kids and those kids who are illiterate, they say nothing to them. For years I tried to arrange a meeting with a dog in order to ask about this matter but in vain. And now as I am not a kid and I can handle every dog with great bravery, means, by winning the race. So one day I dared so. I saw a dog that didn't run towards me. I thought of him to be the nice dog, but it was wrong. Actually he was ill and too old so he didn't bother to run. I went near him and preceded my hand to shake with him but he even didn't raise his hand due to laziness. Anyway, I sat beside him and asked him that why you flee away all the literate kids only. He looked at me for a while and then sighed coldly and said that you, the kids and the teachers, have blamed me for nothing, as I am not so greedy. None of you people know my real story. I requested him to tell me the real story and he started as, “I am not the greedy. Greedy was the crow. I was thirsty. One day I was very thirsty and searched for water here and there but in vain. Finally, worn-out I sat near a butcher’s shop. The butcher thought that I was hungry so he threw me a piece of meat. After some rest I thought that as I am thirsty and I don’t need that piece of meat so I will take it anywhere else for my friends. As, good intentions make the goal easier. So, on the way I was crossing a bridge and I saw water there and in the water I saw my friend too. My friend was inside the water and he was feeling cold and hungry so I barked and threw that piece of meat towards him. But unfortunately I was unaware that it was my shadow”. A cool silence prevailed between me and the dog. We were staring at each other and tears began to shed from his eyes. I was also too much upset to hear this cruel tragedy. I consoled him not to be sad and ensured him that I will talk to the text book board to change the story and bring you reality in front of the world. Then he asked me that would you like to know about the real story of the crow. I replied, yes, why not. And he started: “As I threw that piece of meat to my friend, it drowned into the water and stuck into the bank of the stream. I came down from the bridge and while I was drinking water, that time the crow came and took that piece of meat. Though it was not his food but due to his greed he began to eat it and so it stuck in his throat. Now he was in need of water to swallow the meat but due to my fear he couldn’t drink water there in the stream. And flew to search water anywhere else. He could easily found water as he was in the air, but… you, you people conferred upon him so much credit that he flew here and there in search of water. Anyway he easily saw a pitcher in a home, but there was very low water in it. He became angry and intended to break the pitcher. For this purpose he dropped a lot of pebbles into the pitcher. When the pitcher was half filled with pebbles, a crack came in it and water came out of it. The crow drank water and swallowed the piece of meat, which was mine, and flew away happily. After some time, a child in that home asked his mother for water. When the mother was holding the pitcher, due to the crack and heavy load of pebbles, it broke and fell down on the feet of the mother and eventually broke the right leg of the child’s mother. After a while the child became unconscious due to thirst. But luckily I was passing there, as I was chasing the crow, otherwise the child would have died of thirst. I took a piece of the broken pitcher and went to the stream and brought water for the child. He drank it and his mother gave me a lot of prayers for my brighter name, and you… you people have brightened my name with such a great honor. I saved the life of a child and you people call me the greedy….” He burst into tears and hugged me. I was also very astonished that we have blamed such a nice dog just for nothing. I apologized him on behalf of all the kids and ensured him that we will not read and learn the same story again. We will learn the story of your bravery and kindness. He felt happy and insisted me to have a lunch of meat with them, but due to my fear I said that I am a vegetarian. During that moment some of his fellows have come to have a race with me but he stopped them to do so. And ordered them that from now if you see a kid, who has learned the story “the Greedy Dog”, flee him away, otherwise not.

So I request all the kids not to learn the same story otherwise it will be bad for them.

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