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(Hamza Murad Khan Hoti, )

Nowadays, World is going to change into digitalization as its affection appears on Pakistan as well. Diverging markets is going to transform into converging markets. The issue with digitalization is that it’s a monopolist world, only innovative companieswill get the profit and the followers will have to suffer.

The issue with sub-continent countries is that they adopt the new things very eagerly but don’t know the outcome that they will have to face in future. The trend of these countries nowadays is to make money through ecommerce sites. Multinational companies are the innovators of these new ideas and only they will get the profit and the rest will be in a struggling mode. People will be buying things from one website that introduces that idea,just because that company is the earliest one and has some experience in it. Here are the fields in which new digital ideas have been introduced in Pakistan by multinational companies.

Uber is the first one who introduces the online ride hailing service to the world and started its operationsway back in 2016 in Pakistan. It expanded its services from rickshaw to taxi ride hailing very quickly. From that point till now, peopleare using its app and the figures are still growing and the others are going to catch up.Yes, Careem has started its operation side by side with Uber but Uber is the earliest one in Pakistan and has more experience in it than Careem. New ride hailing apps are developing in the name of Shahi Sawari, RocketRikshaw, and AwamiSawari…etc, investing a lots of money unnecessarily but don’t have any big plan business strategy and some of them are not available at right time.

Retail Market
The new trend that Pakistanisis considering nowadays is online shopping and pioneer of this new trend in our country is Daraz.pk. Wherethis daraz.pk company came from? It’s a subsidiary company of Rocket Internet which is situated in Germany. There are also local online retail companies launched but their demand is less as compared to daraz.pk. Why? One reason behind is that our mindset is still like slaves. We would prefer foreign products as compare to local products just because we think that it comes from heaven. Second reason behind is that we have made a perception in last 30 years that our Pakistani retailers are dishonest, they will sell you low degrade products and will earn a lot of money from it.

Food Delivery
Food panda, the name that eateries would definitely know about it in Pakistan. The company started its operation in 2013 under the parent company, Rocket Internet. Later on, this company (Food Panda) was acquired by Delivery Hero. Before this company, there were many local food delivery companies already working in Pakistan but it was on small scale. With the arrival of this multinational company, it immediately eaten the profits of these local brands and as a result, some of these companies stop their operations. One of them was EatOye, due to the cutoff in its profits, the company (EatOye) offer itself for acquisition. In 2015, this company was acquired by Food Panda. Nowadays there are many local online food delivery companies opened but its revenue is less, as compare to food panda’s revenue.

There was a time when people would love to hear radio, later on; that medium was transform into television but now with the arrival of 3G and 4G in Pakistan, people are diverting gradually to online entertainment medium and one of its popular channel is YouTube. Who wouldn’t know about YouTube? If you are an internet user. This website started its operations all over the world in 2005, later on; it was acquired by Google Inc. After theacquisition, this website grows to a new level and became a profitable website. In Pakistan, mostly internet users are watching their programmes on this website. Whether it’s a drama, movie or cartoon, its all appear on YouTube. There are alternative local brands existed as well but they don’t have much content and don’t have best marketing strategies to compete with this big giant.

This is just the beginning. As the internet just grows in Pakistan, more and more multinational companies will operate and will loot Pakistan’s economy from the air. The aim of these companies is to spread over the market and to eat the profits of local companies/shops. As a result, more and more unemployment will be rise in future. This is the time to reunite as a nation. Commerce Industry should think about internet trade as well and should introduce new marketing strategies to this online medium. Government should try to help them otherwise the time will definitely come that our security agencies will protect these multinational rights but not people rights.

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